Ciret OneTime Decorators Caulk


MY NAME IS Joe Elwick, and I am the proud owner of Joseph Elwick Painting and Decorating which is a small painting business offering services to the public in and around the north west of England. I have been kindly supplied with a free tube of ONETIME superior decorators caulk by a company called ciret, to try out and give my honest opinion for the decorator’s forum.

Product claims:-

  • Resistant to mould growth
  • Exterior use as well as interior use
  • Over paintable
  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • Permanently flexible review
  • Smooth, easy application
  • Simple water clean up
  • Excellent joist movement capabilities

In many years as a professional painter, I have tried and tested numerous decorator’s caulk’s from various brand’s, and to be honest there is not much to choose from between the products with the majority of them claiming most of the one’s above. But there are a couple I have used in the past that have suffered with crazing and cracking as they dry, or as the paint dries that has been applied over the top of the caulk, so I have inevitably avoided these brands. So it is always useful to try anything new that comes onto the market.

In particular, and unlike many others this one can be used outside as well as inside which is very useful, and the fact it say’s ‘permanently flexible’ is also an interesting claim although I won’t be here permanently to prove this claim. Unfortunately I will not have the opportunity to test it outside now, but what I have tested it for , is it’s ability to hold up to deep gaps on area’s that particularly suffer from movement and in particular tread’s and riser’s on a staircase.



So I was asked to paint the tread’s and riser’s on a staircase for the client and the stair’s were in a particular poor state, needing heavy sanding to get back to the bare timber and extensive wood filling and sanding smooth before applying a primer. There were a lot of gap’s in between the tread’s and riser’s as shown in the photo, and this is where I decided to try out the ONETIME SUPERIOR DECORATORS CAULK.



I don’t usually do impressions…….but the first thing I noticed was that it came out of the tube a little easier , looser than the caulk I usually use, but this is not necessarily a better thing as it depends on what you are used to. The caulk itself was white and on par with all other white caulks.

After the initial application, normal size gap’s had dried after approximately 4 hour’s which was enough to then paint over, but the wider area’s needed a second fill and was ready for painting after an 8 hour shift, so that was left until the next day.



The following day after the first filled area’s had dried and were painted over , the result’s were as expected with no crazing or cracking from the paint applied over the top which was Dulux trade oil satinwood tinted to ‘Pebble shore’

The area’s that had been double filled had dried really well and were ready for painting over….so this leads to my conclusion that this decorator’s caulk is fit for purpose, does hold up to some of the claims I tested, and to be honest, this product does actually give me confidence that it will hold up to the other claims also. So I am happy with this product and would definitely use it again.

Saying that, I am very happy with the product I currently use which I get at a great price, so it all comes down to price with me personally, but when it comes to working on exterior jobs…I will definitely be purchasing some more of this to try out.


Ciret OneTime Decorators Caulk – For more info click here

Ciret OneTime Decorators Caulk
Ciret OneTime Decorators Caulk
Ciret OneTime Decorators Caulk

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