B&Q White Durable Matt Emulsion Review

Updated Jan 21, 2024 | Posted Jun 24, 2019 | Professional insight, Product Advice | 7 comments

I bought a couple of buckets of the B&Q durable matt to try out as I’ve heard positive things about it on the Decorators Forum UK. There is loads more information on the website as well. This is my B&Q White Durable Matt review.

I had a kitchen/diner to paint which was light pink and had to be painted white. The paint needed to be durable enough to withstand a quick wipe down every now and again.

Normally I would use optiva 5 as it is the best durable emulsion I’ve tried, however the opacity in white is poor, so I wanted to test something else.

First thoughts when popping into B&Q through the trade counter and having to walk (what felt like a good Mile) to get the paint was quite off-putting. Why is paint for trade not near the tradesmen entrance? Carrying it back was also a bit worrying as the 10L tub has a very flimsy plastic handle and although it didn’t snap on me it also didn’t fill me with confidence.

No discount either with a trade card unlike Wickes that give 10%.


The paint is very thick like Dulux trade Matt. I didn’t water it down at first as I wanted to see it’s true opacity and spread rate.

The paint does smell a little a bit like play-doh and PVA.

The spread rate is awful nothing like Dulux trade or optiva 5. It is like spreading glue in comparison.

That said, I continued. Once dry after 4 hours I applied my 2 coat this time with water added but didn’t seem to make much difference.

The following day I arrived to see it required a 3rd coat.

Overall price is good as 10L is £36 which is almost half the price of Dulux trade.

The finish is good solid white. The ceilings on this job were done in Tikkurila Anti – Reflex and the white from this B&Q paint was identical.

I would say in conclusion that this Goodhome matt from B&Q is a lower end trade product, but much better than most retail paints. The opacity and spread rate aren’t very good, but the overall finish is fantastic, especially for the price. This is definitely a product I’d use again. Especially on ceilings.


Best Tools to Apply Goodhome Durable Matt Emulsion from B&Q


As with any painting and decorating job, having good quality tools will make all the difference. You’ll find the work a lot easier, and the results far better.

As this paint is a durable matt, you should use a medium pile roller. My favourite is the Hamilton Perfection Green. You’ll find it holds plenty of paint, and there is absolutely no orange peel, so you’re left with the perfect finish. Click here to see online prices.

As for the brush, you won’t find better than ProDec Ice Fusion. They have a tapered bristle, meaning there is more room within the brush for paint. It’s easy to manipulate material with this brush, so striking sharp lines is never an issue. A good brush like this will last for years! Click here to see online prices.

B&Q White Durable Matt Emulsion Review – by Daniel James Wilson

Updated Jan 21, 2024 | Posted Jun 24, 2019 | 7 comments

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  1. Roy

    Used it yesterday on misted new plaster. You’ve got to thin it down for it to spread out well. Opacity I think is very good. For a DIY product I live it and will use it again. I did a full bungalow with it a few weeks back and the client commented on how white it looked.
    But yep give us a discount at the till and stack it near the bloody door. Also agree about the handles.

  2. David Millington

    Do not use in bare plaster it doesn’t seem to soak in even when thinned by 40% can peel off, also even though sold as durable it marks very easily and the marks don’t wash off.

  3. Mad at world

    I used this brand ,scrubbable & washable i thinned it down 15% and it went like a dream.

    Don’t know why others would say that is not a good paint. Better than others when it comes to scrubbable and washable paint.

    So sad to see such people reviewing a product like this

    • Rachael Emmerson

      I have painted my living room with this paint, my 2 year old found a pen my (after this may become ex) husband left lying around and drew on the wall. I’ve tried cleaning it and the paint is coming off however the pen is not! Would not say it is a good scrubbable paint or suitable for a house with kids!

  4. Rob

    Can this paint be used in the bathroom?

    • Mike Cupit

      should be fine

  5. Robert Walsh

    B&Q Valspar Paint Quality Issues and Poor Customers Service from B&Q Management

    To All

    I feel I need to let everyone know how poorly I have been treated by B&Q and their store management at the B&Q Store in Welwyn Garden City over the last few weeks, and my email to B&Q Customer Services.

    Dear Customer Services at B&Q

    I have written this review of my experiences in the B&Q Welwyn Garden City Store; I did give the Customer Services at B&Q Head Office the B&Q Store the opportunity to provide me with a full refund for the defective paint which they sold to me, otherwise I was going to post my review below. Unfortunately, all I received was another email from Head Office Customers Service passing the complaint back to the B&Q Store who decided to do the same thing, and call me, allow the phone to ring once and hang up, and when you try to call the store no answers the phone. I feel like I am going around in circles as B&Q don’t either care or have any customer service values. I have also contacted VALSPAR the paint product supplier on the issue of poor-quality paint provided by B&Q and my experience with your senior B&Q staff members. Maybe Valspar values their customers more than B&Q. I will keep you post

    My story is-, I purchased 2no 5lites tins of VALSPAR paint colour Wispy Skies from their Valspar colour charter range which is on display within the paint department in B&Q Welwyn Garden City on the 15th May, this was 2 weeks prior to our paint and decorator was to commence decorating our house. Both tins purchased, had the same paint mix, as they do this onsite in the paint department, once completed both tins were given to me to pay for my purchase. They both had the same paint reference sticker applied to the top of the tins and both were sealed, therefore you would think they were an identical match. How wrong was I to believe this!!!

    Our paint and decorator then started, decorating our 3no rooms with one of the tins of paint on the day we agree, after we painted all the walls around our windows and the window reveals and all the wall cutting in against the ceilings from the one of the two VALSPAR tins we purchased. The next day, we had our window shutters installed, all going as planned. The next day our decorator starts the final decorations to all 3no room from the second purchased VALSPAR paint tin.  As he starts the final decoration with the second tin, he notices that the paint from the second VALSPAR paint tin is a different grey colour to the first tin??? We then check out the B&Q paint sticker on the tins and both say the same reference name and number?? How can this be when both tins were mixed at the same time from the same B&Q store?  OPTION go back to B&Q and explain what has happened and find out why I have 2no tins of paint both with the same reference mix but two different colours,

    I went into the B&Q Store at Welwyn Garden City to see if the store manager can help me to resolve the issue and supply me with replacement paint to rectify the miss match paint provided…. Sorry big mistake on my side thinking this was a simple task. To go back to the store, I purchased the paint from thinking they would help or refund me. NO!!! This B&Q supervisor said no it was my fault!! I asked if I could speak to the senior store manager, I was told no one on duty!! Then one of the stores supervisor’s tries to deal with the issue and asks the lady at the paint counter to mix a new batch of paint to the original Wispy Skies which we purchased. Simple task…. Wrong! when they open the tins of paint they mixed to see if this would match my original paint mix Wispy Skies. Wrong!!!, they are all different again!!! When I asked for my purchase to be returned, they said no!!!! I must reclaim this back from VALSPAR direct, When I asked why, I was informed they cannot give any refunds!!!! I said I am at a loss to why I must claim back my refund from VALSPAR, the supervisor said it’s their issue as its their paint!! I continued to request for my refund, then they told me only the store manager can give refunds and they are not on duty, even though it is only 4.30pm on a Monday. Back I go home totally lost on how B&Q will not give me a refund and will not accept the responsibility that the paint machine mixed two different tones of Wispy Skies for my two tins I purchased. I was then told to come back later in the evening when the Store manager would be available, and he would be able to deal with this issue.

    My wife and I go back to B&Q at Welwyn Garden City at 6.40pm that same evening, to see the store manager. Unfortunately, there was not store manager, only a section manager overseeing painting department.  I explained to him what had happened earlier in the day the issue with regards to all the different paint colours, and that we had painted 3 rooms with one tin and needed to complete all the rooms. He said not a problem we can match the paint and give you a tin to complete the rooms. Simple…. Wrong!!  The sample tin he mixes does not match any of the two VALSPAR Wispy Skies paint tins which I had purchased. He then mixes another Wispy Skies paint tin, no match then another one no match then another one no match, then another one no match. We are now at 10 different Wispy Skies matches of paint, none of which matched the original VALSPAR 2no paint tins I purchased, they didn’t match their Wispy Skies colour chart on show either. Then he decides to mix around with the colours of the machine, which gets one a close match, still no refund???? He then said he can give me 10 litres of paint to replace original paint but would not accept the responsibility. I had to take the issue up with VALSPAR. It was clear to me that they cannot work the paint machine to match VALSPAR paint as displayed in the colour charts, then he states the reason for this I must have contaminated the paint, I was totally shocked that this was said to me, His one offer was for me to take the new paint mix but no refund… This was at 8.20pm the store already closed at 8.00pm, only choice take the paint they mixed hoping it will match what we have already painted on the walls, I then explained that I now must purchase new masking tape and dust sheets to protect the areas already painted, I asked if he would provide the free of charge to help me. I was given 1no roll of masking tape worth £3.49 and no apology

    I leave the store totally shocked and to tell my wife who has been sitting in the car for an hour waiting to get this resolved and to explain what has happened.  I call our decorator and explained that we need to redecorate all 3no rooms again, at our cost, B&Q do not accept their paint mixing machine is wrong, even after 10 number attempts and still no match to their own VALSPAR colour chart.

    The next day 16th May our decorator starts repainting the walls, only to find that the colour in the new tin that we opened and did not match the sample pot (the small sample of mixed paint colour Wispy Skies) that was shown to me the evening before, so again the machine mixed the wrong colour to the sample pot.

    I go Back to B&Q at Welwyn Garden City and asked to speak to the store manager again, no store manager on duty, I asked can I speak to the supervisor.  I wait at the paint counter until she arrive and when I explained what has happened the day before the response from her was yes I know,  when I asked for my full refund because again the paint mix does not match the sample pot of VALSPAR paint range,  the answer was no refund because the paint was contaminated, when I asked how!! she would not explain, other than it must have happened at my house, when I ask am I at faulty here, she would not commit with an answer, then the B&Q Supervisor said I don’t know where the paint has been, as its been 3 weeks since you purchased the paint, When I asked for a refund,  the answer was no refund, when I ask to speak to a store manager, there was none on duty and walked away from me.  when I said I will until he until the Store manager arrives, and speak to a store manager direct hoping who could assist me with this problem, because clearly no one in B&Q Store has any authority to give refunds and the skills in customer services… I had been in the B&Q Store 3 times, with 4no different supervisors, and none of them asked for my name or contact details to help resolve the issue… It became very clear that B&Q would not give refunds at any cost… No option other than to phone B&Q Head office, but no one in the store would provide this to me!!  Good old Google never lets you down, found the number I manage to speak to Jennifer at B&Q customer services Head office and explained what had happened over the last few days. No problem Jennifer explains I will call the store and speak to the manager… At last, someone who listens I wait in the store, while she try’s calling the store while, I was on the phone to her, no one answered, Jennifer then explained that she will log my complaint and I should get a call back within 24 hours!!!!…. Before I left the store, I tried to ask for the return of the two tins of miss match paint, which I brought into the store the night before I wanted to keep these as evidence of the poor colour match, I was told they have been picked up first thing by the VALSPAR Representee  already, funny how quick B&Q can get rid of the evidence but cannot reimburse customers…when they cannot not mix the paint correctly or the paint mix is faulty.

    With no option with paint provided from B&Q I went into the Dulux Centre in Welwyn Garden City explained what happened, very helpful staff and I purchased 10liters of paint for repainting all 3no rooms again. With assistance from B&Q… I have now spent double the amount money on paint and labour because I purchase VALSPAR paint from B&Q. …Lesson learnt if you want to purchase paint go to professional paint suppliers, like Dulux Paint Centres, Johnstone paints, Wickes the people who know how to mix paint and have great customer services.

    After leaving the B&Q Store that morning and purchasing my replacement paint from Dulux Centre, to allow our decorator to start the redecoration, I received a missed call at 11.32 for one second, I returned the call through my recall to find out it was a call from B&Q Welwyn Garden City, interesting thing is that the call rang only for one second!! As my phone records this, and when I tried returning the call three time and only getting the B&Q answer machine and no one picking up the phone, I gave up trying to get through, as clearly no one answers the phone at B&Q. Then on the Sunday morning 21st May at 8.06am in the morning my phone rings to find B&Q Called again, and again, my phone logged it that it rang for 1 seconds, I returned the call through my recall to find out it was a call from B&Q Welwyn Garden City and again no answer, as the store is shut on Sunday mornings and doesn’t open until 10.00am. I then receive the email statement below…………                   It is very clear B&Q do not give refunds even if it’s their fault

    Email from the Decorating Store Manager at B&Q Welwyn Garden City

    After telephoning twice with no answer I am emailing to address your contact with head office regarding the Valspar paint you purchased; I am satisfied that the level of service you received was sufficient on this occasion.

    The team listened to your concerns that two 5l tins did not meet your approval. The team then mixed multiple tester pots free of charge until you were satisfied with a new colour. The team then offered you a 10l trade tin of paint to ensure consistency with the colour for the amount you needed and gave you some free decorating accessories to help with your project.

    Valspar paint is a custom product and as a business we do not offer exchanges if a customer is unhappy with their custom items. 

    Well, suddenly I received an email from Customer Services say

    I would like to apologise for the inconvenience you have had. This is not what we expect for our customers.                                                                                                                                       In order to have this resolved, I have passed this to our Welwyn store. They will investigate this and I have requested that they contact you in 24 hours. Your new reference number is

    Once again, please accept my apologies and if you have any questions or concerns before the team are in touch with you, please let me know straight away and I will help in anyway that I can.                                                                                                                                             Stay safe and take care!
    Kind regards,
    B&Q Customer Care | 0333 014 3098

    Well, you would never believe it, but the B&Q Store telephoned me 2 ½ hours later, Great…. Wrong….. They let the phone ring once and the dropped call me again!!!… trying ring them back no answer. B&Q Just love to send the customers around and around and hoping you just go away.

    Well, this is my review of true account of how B&Q handled my complaint and their policy at no refunds ……….PS My advice purchase your paint for your home elsewhere, with someone who knows about paints…. You will have less stress and a lovely, decorated home



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