B&Q White Durable Matt Emulsion Review

By Daniel James Wilson


I bought this to try as I’ve heard positive things about it on the Decorators Forum Facebook Page. To be honest there’s loads more information on the website as well. this is my B&Q White Durable Matt review.

I had a kitchen/diner to paint which was light pink.

Normally I would use optiva 5 but opacity in white is poor.


First thoughts is popping into B&Q through the trade counter and having to walk (what felt like a good Mile) to get the paint was quite off-putting. Why is paint for trade not near the tradesmen entrance? Carrying it back was also a bit worrying as the 10L tub has a very flimsy plastic handle and although it didn’t snap on me it also didn’t fill me with confidence.

No discount either with a trade card unlike Wickes that give 10%.


The paint is very thick like Dulux trade Matt. I didn’t water it down at first as I wanted to see it’s true opacity and spread rate.

The paint does smell a little a bit like play-doh and PVA.


The spread rate is awful nothing like Dulux trade or optiva 5. It is like spreading glue in comparison.

That said i continued. Once dry after 4 hours I applied my 2 coat this time with water added but didn’t seem to make much difference.

The following day I arrived to see it required a 3rd coat.


Overall price is good as 10L is £26

Almost half the price of Dulux trade.

Finish is good solid white as the ceilings in this job was done in Tikkurila Anti – Reflex and the white from this B&Q paint was identical.


Negatives: smell, spread rate.


and that was my B&Q White Durable Matt review. I hope you found it useful