Professional Decorators Review Benjamin Moore Scuff X

Benjamin Moore Scuff X is a water-based satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss paint system for use on interior trim such as skirting boards, doors and windowsills. It is a high-end American paint brand which is self-priming over previously painted surfaces. You can purchase the Benjamin Moore online from the Decorating Centre.


This paint is very expensive, but is it worth it’s high price tag? We asked professional decorators from the Decorators Forum UK to give us their Benjamin Moore Scuff X reviews. This is what they came back with.


I haven’t used a Benjamin Moore paint that I’m not impressed with, the Scuff x goes through a hvlp perfectly, grip quality is excellent. It will grip on to old gloss without sanding.

The Benjamin Moore Stix primer is a brilliant primer/undercoat, de-nibs lovely.

The advanced is a brilliant paint. A lot of people say because it’s a hybrid it will yellow, but it’s not like a UK hybrid, and it will only yellow if it no light at all. I mean like the inside of a cupboard, as long as it has some natural light it won’t yellow. It’s bullet proof once it’s cured.

Aura is fantastic paint as well; the finishes are gorgeous.

Overall, Benjamin Moore Scuff X has to be one of the best paints on the market. Yes it’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. The self-priming, high opacity qualities mean it will take less coats.

Adam Featherstone

Best acrylic I’ve used. It goes for miles has great opacity and has a nicer finish than oil in my opinion.

Lee Thornton

Scuff-x satin is Phenomenal stuff. It works a lot like oil but it’s a nicer finish. No undercoat required, it’s a 2-coat system like oil. It may be a lot more expensive, but you are saving a 3rd coat like other water based products applied with a brush. It’s hard wearing, goes for miles, one of the best products out there. Faultless

Joseph Daniel

Love Benjamin Moore, worth every penny. It has a better finish than any oil-based paint I have ever used.

Steven Rowe

I don’t want to use anything else. Goes on lovely and a great tough finish

Warren Atlee

Scuff x satin sprays a dream levels out nicely leaving great finish, not the cheapest but worth it in my opinion
Ryan Micheal Foulger

Never used the semi-gloss, but the satin and eggshell are the best I’ve ever used. In my opinion it’s better than oil based.

Yes, it’s expensive, but I still think its value for money. I use it on nearly every job, it’s never failed me and you can’t and you can’t put a price on that.
I’ve tried a lot of other water based products, some are very good, but they never perform in every department, whereas Scuff-X does- opacity, durability, finish, ease of use, colour retention, it’s got the lot.

Jim Ware

It all depends on client budget at the end of the day, but I can honestly say Benjamin Moore Scuff X is the best satinwood on the market by a long way. No other oil-based paint comes close, let alone water-based. Coverage is great, meaning the paint goes a long way. It adheres well to previously painted surfaces. It is very easy to apply, and it’s scuff resistant. Literally everything you could ask for in a paint. It even smells nice!! I try and guide all my clients towards this now.

Andrew Cable

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