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Spencer’s Gates


Spencer Dolman is one of the best decorators on the face of the planet!! However, he was faced with a dilemma when a client of his phoned him and asked him to paint these gates in a standard oil-based exterior satin product.

Spencer, being the expert he is, quickly explained that to finish these gates to a high standard he would have to apply two coats of primer, two coats of undercoat and at least one top coat! With the nature of oil-based paint, and the drying time involved, Spencer knew this would mean 5 separate trips!!

Luckily, Spencer has a vast amount of product knowledge and suggested an alternative system. Instead of oil, he would use water-based! And the brand he trusts more than any other, Zinsser!

First, he sprayed the knots with Zinsser BIN, which is a shellac based primer that comes in an aerosol or a normal liquid. It is suitable for “spot priming” exterior decorating work and is more than capable of holding back sap from the tree knots.

He then went on to apply two coats of Bullseye 123. This is an adhesion primer with stain blocking qualities. Perfect for priming tanalised wood such as these gates, whilst offering the perfect base for any exterior satin.

Following this, he applied two coats of Zinsser Allcoat satin. This is a multi-surface exterior satin paint with great adhesion qualities and will last against the British weather.

The results were fantastic!! Spencer managed to complete the work in just over a day, meaning the client saved money.

Well done Spencer, we are all proud of you!!

Zinsser Water-based Exterior Products – The best place to buy Zinsser online is probably the Paintshed.

tanilised gate before painting
bullseye 123 on an exterior gate

Nice job I do like all coat brushes and sprays really good gloss has a decent sheen level too

Anthony Quarmby - Zinsser Water-based Exterior Products

Zinsser have the right idea, never used any bad products of theirs.

Gary Baker - Zinsser Water-based Exterior Products

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