What do Decorators Think of Armstead Paint?

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Armstead Trade have a wide selection of paint, ranging from contract matt to masonry. Available at any Dulux Decorating Centre, although unless you are entitled to a trade discount, it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy Armstead paint online. Click here to see the latest prices. This brand seems to be popular amongst homeowners. But we wanted to find out what decorators think of Armstead Trade paint, so we asked the question on a well-known forum. This is what the professionals came back with.

I always use the Armstead durable Matt as it covers well. That includes any dark colours from the Dulux colour range, which I always get mixed into Armstead. The undercoat and gloss are good as well 👍

Rich Rickman

Professional Painter and Decorator

Armstead contract Matt is that thick there’s no chance of spillage.

Durable Matt is a good drop of gear, less picture framing than other durable emulsions.

The eggshell is my go-to for walls on my commercial jobs

Lee Ashley

Professional Painter and Decorator

The durable Matt is good and covers well. Used it a fair bit and eggshell is a decent drop too 👌

Mark Richards

Professional Painter and Decorator


I always have a tin of the Armstead quick dry wood primer/undercoat on the van. Really fast drying and covers well. Plus, it works inside and out.

Mark Anthony

Professional Painter and Decorator

The Armstead durable matt is good

Lee Sharman

Professional Painter and Decorator

Armstead contact matt emulsion. Great for fleshing up ceilings which are either papered or artexed.

Kevin Wood

Professional Painter and Decorator

Durable matt covers well used it a few times. I use their contract matt a lot for mist coating. It covers a dream 👌

Gary Emsley

Professional Painter and Decorator

I love it all! The durable is fantastic, the vinyl matt covers better than their rivals and I use the oil Satin a lot on kitchen units.

Dean Garman

Professional Painter and Decorator

I use the Armstead pliolite-based masonry paint. Good coverage, drying times etc and looks great when done.

Graeme Wright

Professional Painter and Decorator

Steady your arm with quality Armstead paint for that perfect finish at affordable prices to beat the gas and electric

David Hanson

Professional Painter and Decorator

I use the white contract matt a lot for first coat on plaster and to be honest, it’s great coverage. Plus, if you squint it looks like it’s gone in one.

Dean O'Hara

Professional Painter and Decorator

I always use contract Matt for mist coating and for lids and must admit oil-based eggshell does have fantastic coverage.

Steve Barnett

Professional Painter and Decorator

I don’t use Armstead a lot, however, I was very impressed with the vinyl Matt in a dark blue (sapphire salute). Covered over white in two coats easily which is more than can be said for a lot of brands. Pleasantly surprised. Have used the contract matt once but didn’t like it.

Dan Goodchild

Professional Painter and Decorator

Decent stuff when I used it to be honest, didn’t have any high expectations of it but was pleasantly surprised 🍺🍺🍺

Gaz Knox

Professional Painter and Decorator


Contract matt is my go-to option, great now they’ve brought out a light grey which is identical to polished pebble. So, if a customer asks for the popular polished pebble, I use contract matt light grey.

I do a lot of new work and it covers ceilings in 2 coats mist coat and full coat, price is good too around £18 a tub.

Keith Webster

Professional Painter and Decorator

Used their pliolite on a job a few years ago. Big contract of 90 three storey flats and 12 three storey houses. It didn’t need thinning down as much as other brands I used. Two coats covered great. Helped that all the properties where in great condition. But yes, it’s a paint I liked using.

Robert Coyle

Professional Painter and Decorator

I use a lot of Armstead. The vinyl Matt, durable Matt and durable eggshell. Satin, water-based satin, acrylic primer undercoat and recently their eggshell. I really rate the durable Matt and prefer to use it over some of the others. Because one, it’s cheaper and two, I can give my clients a durable Matt over a vinyl Matt. Second coat goes on a treat.


Armstead durable eggshell is great to work with. I don’t like the contract Matt, but I don’t do new work which I reckon is it target. The gloss, satin and eggshell are good. Not used their masonry paint. All in all I’ve, no issues using or recommending Armstead at all.

Hunter Seabass

Professional Painter and Decorator

I’ve never had an issue with Armstead paint

Steve Worrall

Professional Painter and Decorator

I use Armstead contract matt nearly every day. Like to use vinyl matt when needed. Best paint for price & quality.

Simon Bailey

It’s just Gliddens in a different tin, can’t really fault any of it for price especially the durable, satin & masonry 👌


Professional Painter and Decorator

I love Armstead paint!! It’s a proper range of trade paint that never lets you down. I particularly like the Armstead durable matt, but the vinyl matt and water-based satinwood paints are great too. They’re all great value too, which really helps.

Mike Cupit

Professional Painter and Decorator

I’ve only used white contract matt. Coverage is okay but only takes ages to dry. Overall, an okay product for the price they sell it.

Alex Decor

Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 13, 2024 | Posted Jun 2, 2022 | 1 comment

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.

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  1. richard

    Prefer Johnstone vinyl matt and as flatter and seems to cover better IMO.
    The Armstead quick dry gloss dreadful, sticky no sheen definitely needs extra coats and still looks terrible.
    Amstead contact Matt best for mist coats / domestic not light critical ceilings as has a very slight sheen which helps further coats slide on.
    It’s mostly a good range though.


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