Victoria and Albert Paint Review

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Victoria and Albert Eggshell Review


When Victoria and Albert Paints contacted me, I’ve got to be honest and say I had never heard of them. So, I agreed to test their water based eggshell and their vinyl matt emulsion. They informed my they are trying to go high-end and compete with the likes of Benjamin Moore etc. So, after using Benjamin Moore products previously, I was eager to conduct a Victoria and Albert eggshell review for the Decorators Forum UK.

This is a fully water-based paint which can be used on internal woodwork. It is available online in white, or a large veriaty of tinted colours. The sheen level is around 20%.

I have been using water-based trim paints for the past 4 years. To get a good flow rate can be a real art. The right paint brush, damp cloth over the surface, adding 10% water, adding Xim/Floetrol etc. Then for some products you have the added cost of an adhesion primer for painting over existing oil-based paint.

Mostly, the desired effect can difficult to achieve as all the best paint products are online and pricey. However, this Victoria and Albert eggshell is by far the best water-based eggshell I have come across. All the paint required was a stir and it was at the correct viscosity.

It had excellent opacity for white.

No adhesion primer required.

No paint conditioner required.

The Victoria and Albert eggshell did have a slight smell to it, but nothing overpowering. The paint flowed beautifully and was a pleasure to work with. Touch dry in 30 Minutes and re coat-able in 4 Hours. The following day I returned to my work and struggled to see brush marks; this is the closest I have come to an oil finish!! It passed the scratch test with flying colours.


Victoria and Albert waterbased eggshell review   Victoria and Albert waterbased eggshell review Victoria and Albert waterbased eggshell review waterbased trim paint


Victoria and Albert Vinyl Matt Emulsion Review

Difficult to review as I find normally good emulsion is all the same. It all comes down to personal choice. However, what I did like about the Victoria and Albert was the opacity and viscosity. Again, just like the eggshell, it is good to go. No picture framing and the flow rate excellent. As you can see by the photo, great opacity covering in 2 coats. The finished product was a lovely flat Matt finish, wipe-able too. I also love the Victoria and Albert colour chart, simple but elegant.

This paint would suit all our f&b customers and to be honest a far better product with no base coat required. For customers with Victorian/Edwardian properties this paint would be highly suited. Paint can be purchased from Tell: 0203507185



Victoria and Albert Paint Review - Decorator's forum UK

Victoria and Albert manufacture a vinyl matt and a water-based eggshell. This is a high-end (designer) paint range with a premium price tag.

Product Brand: Victoria and Albert

Editor's Rating:


  • Good opacity.
  • Good flow.
  • Nice colours.
  • Prestigious.


  • It is good quality, but you can get similar products for less money.
  • Very limited stockists.

What Other Decorators Think

The Victoria & Albert Museum paint range, supplied by is a fantastic range of paint, inspired by the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The range of 40 colours has been compiled from the world’s leading museum of art, design and performance. In this blog I’m going to give you an honest Victoria and Albert Eggshell review. I hope you find it useful.

Victoria and Albert Eggshell is a fully water-based paint used on internal walls, ceilings, or woodwork. It is incredibly easy to apply, it had a good viscosity and didn’t need thinning down at all. The opacity is brilliant with one coat obliterating the white halft primer I used as a base cost. The Acrylic Eggshell is usable with brush and roller as well as being sprayable. This makes creating a flawless finish possible and it is just as hard as the similarly priced Farrow and Ball modern eggshell.

With the cost of paint only heading in one direction Victoria and Albers paints have placed themselves amongst some of the more expensive paint brands. Although the museum is well known, V&A paint products are not and this may put some people of buying them, considering the price and availability.

In conclusion, I think Victoria & Albert Museum Acrylic Eggshell offers a brilliant finish with some stunning colours to offer. I would use this product again if I could get customers to use it, however I think most customers would be more comfortable with me using a better known brand.


Professional Decorator


This is my review of V&A Matt emulsion in Godfreys white. Supplied by the lovely folk at Trimite. Victoria and Albert Matt in a low-sheen emulsion used on interior walls and woodwork. It is available in white, or a handful of desirable colours.


Tools used;

Ok ladies and gents. I tried this product for the first time recently.

Out of the tin, un-thinned, cut in a frieze and roll out 3m by 4m ceiling with a square bay window.

The ceiling had been replastered within the last 10 years and looks to be painted in flat Matt. I’ve given it a bit of a scratch on any bad bits and I’ve Zinsser BINed a couple of damp patches. I had to caulk in a few cracks between the frieze and the ceiling.

I’m usually a prime suspect for putting one thick coat on a ceiling, but for the review I gave this ceiling two coats of the Victoria and Albert Museum paint over two consecutive days (as per recommended usage on the back of the can) the first coat went on lovely with a nice Matt finish, the brush didn’t pull and where the rolling edge meets the cutting in is minimal for flashing.

Second coat went on next day with no drama, gave a lovely finish. It is a lovely product to use and it’s up there against the big boys.

I think if this paint becomes available in my area, I will be offering it as a top end brand to customers who want to go for higher end products.

There’s plenty of other information on Victoria and Albert on the Decorators Forum UK Website

Ross Ratty

Professional Decorator

Updated May 20, 2024 | Posted Aug 31, 2019 | 2 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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