Toupret renovating filler review for rough surfaces

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Toupret renovating filler for rough surfaces is ready mixed, available from Trade Point and sold by the bucket. You should expect to pay around £44, plus delivery for 10kg. This is a water-based product which you can use to skim whole walls.

Recoat time is around 12 hours, but you should leave Toupret renovating filler 24 – 48 hours before painting. You should only apply Toupret renovating filler to depths to 5mm at a time, but you can apply as many coats as is needed.


My Toupret renovating filler review for rough surfaces


I used this filler for the first time on my last job and it is good stuff. It is a lot easier to apply than easifill and you can smooth it of nicely with a wide blade. It sands down easily too, which is another bonus, particularly for a ready mixed filler.


On this particular job, I was only supposed to paint over existing lining paper in the room below, but as soon as I touched the lining paper with emulsion, it started peeling off the walls. I hadn’t priced to plaster the room and I certainly didn’t have time to wait for the plaster to dry!!

That’s when I thought I would give Toupret renovating filler a go, even though I’d never skimmed over full rooms before. It’s safe to say I was very impressed. It’s very easy to apply, even for someone with limited ability in terms of plastering.

One and half tubs for that room, applied in an afternoon, sanded and primed by lunchtime following day.  This is a time saver for sure 👍🏻

I can’t believe how quick and easy it was to achieve a nice finish. I would recommend this filler to anyone.


Toupret renovating filler review for rough surfaces – by Louie Martin

a room in need of filling
Professional decorator Louie Martin gives a full and honest Toupret renovating filler review for rough surfaces, after using it on a recent project.
Toupret renovating filler review for rough surfaces

Updated Jul 12, 2022 | Posted Mar 7, 2022 | 1 comment

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  1. Tom Thompson

    You said that you used one and a half tubs but what size tubs did you use?


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