Tikkurila Empire Furniture Paint Review

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As a painter and decorator myself, and a regular Tikkurila user, I raised an eyebrow when I read about Empire furniture paint. In the past, Tikkurila have led the way with water-based technology and developed products such as Helmi, which were best suited for a spray finish. For me, a ‘regular’ oil-based internal eggshell doesn’t really fit with their usual style.

That said, I do use oil-based eggshell on a regular basis, and that is essentially what Tikkurila Empire Furniture paint is. I’m not sure why Tikkurila label is as a “furniture paint”, because to my eye, it can be used on any internal trim, including doors, skirtings, window boards and radiators.

Tikkurila Empire Furniture paint contains an alkyd oil (like any other product of its type). Available online in any colour, this product is touch dry after around 3 hours, but you need to leave it overnight before applying additional coats.


My Tikkurila Empire Furniture Paint Review


This week I had some half height panelling to paint in a hallway. There was a lot of it, so I wanted something that will go in two coats and be durable. It was the perfect job to try the Empire Furniture paint.

Upon opening the tin, I noticed it was thixotropic. Almost like non drip gloss or similar, but as soon as you put a brush in it, it loosened up and went on nicely. The ease of use was fantastic, and the paint flew on. The opacity of the paint was awesome too, and two coats of “Farrow and Ball Grey” easily covered  old oil-based eggshell in white. There is no need for an additional adhesion primer with Tikkurila Empire Furniture Paint because it is self-undercoating.

The overall look had a rich depth of colour and a beautiful semi sheen. Brush marks just seemed to melt away and what I was left with looked lovely. I would certainly use this again when jobs permit with oil-based eggshell.


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Updated Jul 8, 2022 | Posted May 21, 2022 | 1 comment

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About the Author

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    Thanks for sharing this review. I am thinking about purchasing this too.


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