The best way to paint around Spotlights

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I have been looking for far too long for something that will hold spotlights away from the ceiling so I can just paint in and around them with ease, instead of having to remove them or tape them up. Google searches – “tool to hold spotlights down” “spotlight removal tool” “spotlight spacers” … Absolutely nothing.

How there was nothing on the market was mind boggling. I would always search the net for something after having ‘one of those days’ dealing with them.

This one particular job springs to mind. Living room – full redec. The ceiling was really low and had a lot of natural light coming through. 15 spotlights in total. All sheeted up and I set to it. I’m up the steps and try to pull on the first light to see how they go. Gently trying to ease out the light and CRACK! I pull a big old chunk of plaster away from the side. Not only that, but my fingers are now throbbing away after the spring clips flipped round and snapped on them. Great!

So I fill that and move onto the next one. CRACK! Exact same again. So, I fill that and think I’m not removing any more! That’s it, they’re getting painted where they are! I used whatever I had on board to space out the remaining lights. Screwed up gold flex pads, plasterboard screws, whatever I could find.


Anyway, fast forward – filled the holes, sanded and primed – Perfect. Finished the ceiling, all looked wonderful. Then I go to put those two lights I removed back in. Well, that was never going to go down well. My fingers all roughed up and cut from wrestling around trying to squeeze them back in again.

Then the repair I had done earlier had just cracked out again. You know yourself touch ups on a low ceiling are not the one. steam coming out the ears moment! Was it too much to ask for a tool to simply hold to light away from the ceiling to work around!?

I sat down that night and drew up all kinds of different designs. Then eventually turned the idea into reality. SPOT DROPS! Pop in – Paint – Pop out The most simple of tools that takes the pain and hassle from such a frustrating task. Where there is a void, Spot Drops simply slot in behind the face of the light before the spring clips apply pressure to the board and hold it in place away from the ceiling. It gives more than enough room to get the brush in and around the light keeping the light itself spotless from any paint.

When finished they just pop out keeping any mucky hands well away from the new crisp white ceiling. What about brush marks? You can lay off with a mini roller with in millimetres of the light, there are no brush marks. Benefits – Super quick – No damage – No time wasted taping up or filling where its cracked – No materiel waste – Fully reusable You can order now at

Final Thoughts


Sorry for not giving you a straightforward answer at the start of the blog, I just wanted to take you through the story of Spot Drops. We got there though; the best way to paint around spotlights is to ease them away from the ceiling a little bit, insert a couple of Spot Drops, paint round with a brush, allow to dry, then remove the Spot Drops again. All nice and easy.

Blog written by Richard Irons – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 9, 2024 | Posted Feb 2, 2021 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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