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As a decorator, I’m used to straining paint, particularly during the warmer months. In the old days, I’d have a few pairs of ladies tights in the van to strain my paint. All I’d do is pull the tights over a paint kettle and pour the paint through. It was messy to say the least! The tights wouldn’t fit over the container properly, and they wouldn’t stop dripping afterwards.


Why Does Paint Need Straining?


Go back 10 years, and the only time you’d ever strain paint is when you accidentally got bits in the tin when opening it. Either that or when you hadn’t sealed the tin properly and the paint skinned over. This happens a lot with oil-based paint.

Now you need to strain paint a lot more often due to a couple of factors. The first is metal paint tins are being replaced with plastic, which don’t seem to be as airtight. Paint hardens on the side of plastic tubs and falls back into the material.

The other major issue is an anti-skimming agent called MEKO was banned for use in paint products. This happened in March 2022 and effects emulsion. Since then, a lot of people have complained about bits of skin in new tins of paint. Particularly Johnstone’s Trade products for some reason.


What is the Answer?


There is a simple solution; the best paint strainer on the market is called Tough Nets. Available online by clicking here, these handy little rubber nets fit perfectly over a paint scuttle. They are made of a robust rubber which is easy to manipulate, and then clean out afterwards. All you need to do is rinse them in the sink when you’re finished.

The beauty of using Tough Nets is it’s easy to strain your paint without making a mess. They stay in place until you’ve finished straining your paint, then just pull off. You don’t need to push the rest of the paint from the strainer with your hand like you might with a pair of tights. It’s just easy. They cost about a tenner but will last you forever if you look after it.

I now strain every single tin of emulsion I buy. I need to because as a decorator, I’m a perfectionist, and bits on my walls or ceilings won’t do. Plus, I do a lot of airless spraying, and bits of skin or dust knackers my machine.

Click here for more info on Tough Nets.

Posted Jan 4, 2023 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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