Sketch Paint Review – Whiteboard Paint

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I was sent some Sketch Paint by Magpaint to try out. This stuff is pretty cool! It is an epoxy resin paint which you use on a wall to essentially turn it into a whiteboard.

You can by Sketch Paint in white, transparent, gloss, or matt finishes. The tin sizes available are 500ml or 1L. Surfaces should be white to begin with. This product can be applied to internal walls, ceilings, or even furniture. A separate adhesion primer may be needed when applying sketch paint over problem surfaces. You can buy Sketch Paint easily enough online.

Being an epoxy product, Sketch Paint is a two-part paint system. You should only mix the amount needed for the coat you are applying. You mix the hardener with the paint, then apply with a short pile roller and stiff paintbrush. Sketch Paint is touch dry in roughly an hour, and fully cured after around a week, so ensure your newly painted surface has long enough to cure before you try and paint over it.

Sketch Paint Review - Whiteboard Paint

The paint roller I prefer to use with Sketch Paint is the Rota Finish. I find it is the easiest roller to achieve a uniformed and flat finish with any stick paint product. However, any good quality, lint-free roller will do.


My Sketch Paint Review


OK, let’s get on with my personal opinion of the product. Once mixed, sketch paint is thick and gloopy, so take your time when applying it. Cutting in is hard work, so masking tape is advised in order to achieve sharp edges. Sketch Paint does have some opacity, so surfaces do not need to be solid white before starting, but applying a coat of white emulsion, or adhesion primer prior to applying the Sketch Paint is advised. One coat of Sketch Paint is probably ample in most situations.

Even though the paint is sticky, it is fairly easy to manipulate with the roller. You might struggle to coat full walls without help, but smaller areas are no problem. You should remove any masking tape before the Sketch Paint has fully cured.

It does work too!! In fact, it works well. Once cured, the Sketch Paint is solid! You can indeed write on the surface with the appropriate pens, then easily wipe clean. This makes Sketch Paint ideal for a child’s bedroom, or even an office environment.

I find it quite extraordinary how far paint technology has come and genuinely feel like Magpaint have achieved something special with this product. I can turn a wall previously painted with emulsion wall into a whiteboard in a matter of a couple of hours.

Another fun product magpaint manufacture is the magnet paint. Again, a nice feature in a child’s bedroom.





Does whiteboard paint work well?

It certainly does!! I was amazed the first time I used it. The surface needs to be flat and ideally white before you start. Then it’s easy to apply, and you’re left with what is essentially a whiteboard.


How to apply whiteboard paint?

The first thing you need to do is ensure a surface is completely smooth and stable before you start. Imperfections will show through otherwise. An adhesion primer can be used over problem surfaces. The opacity of whiteboard paint isn’t great, so if you’re not using an adhesion primer, I’d recommend using a coat of white emulsion to blank out any colour.

Then, as whiteboard paint is epoxy, you should only mix the amount you need for each coat. Apply it in a way that results in the smoothest finish possible.


Does whiteboard paint need primer?

I’d recommend using a primer over difficult surfaces, bare surfaces, or to blank out a colour. You should be ok applying it directly to a wall previously painted with emulsion.


Can you paint a wall with whiteboard paint?

Yes, that’s what it’s for. I suppose you could paint a ceiling with it too, but I don’t see the point in that.


What is the best cleaner for whiteboard paint?

I just use Decorators’ wipes, but baby wipes will do the same job.


How do you remove whiteboard paint from a desk?

As whiteboard paint is epoxy, it’s probably easier to paint over rather than try and remove.


This blog was written by Mike Gregory, Professional Painter and Decorator for over 20 years.

Updated Apr 27, 2024 | Posted Feb 16, 2022 | 3 comments

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About the Author

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    Have you tried the rustoleum doodle wall?

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    Hi Mike that’s great and it’s a good price but on Amazon I read this product has isocyanates and that’s a problem for us to use in a school is that true and what does it mean for us to apply ourselves

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    Hi can this be used in conjunction with magnet paint so that the surface is botany magnetic and a white board?


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