Big Wipes Review – A Full Guide

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As a Painter and Decorator, it’s always handy to have a packet of Decorator’s wipes in my van. Not just for cleaning paint up, but good wipes also work for caulk, silicone, grease and oil. I thought I’d sit down and write a very quick Big Wipes Review. I hope you find it useful.

Big Wipes manufacture a range of different products, including three variations of their wipes. I think the fluid on each variation is all the same, so I’ll review them all together, and then explain the difference between each wipe afterwards.

Big Wipes are brilliant. You can literally tip oil-based gloss onto a hard floor, then clean them up without issue with Big Wipes. Even grease on kitchen cabinets comes away with little effort. It’s amazing really.

One job in particular I like these wipes for is when I’m applying silicone. If you’ve ever handled silicone, you’ll understand how horrible it feels. Silicone has an oil that coats your skin. It isn’t water soluble, meaning it’s hard to get it off with soap and water. However, Big Wipes seem to handle it well. A quick scrub over your hands with Big Wipes and away you go.


The really impressive thing about Big Wipes is there are no harsh chemicals involved. Even though they have strong cleaning power, they’re completely safe to have on your skin. I have no problem using them in homes with pets or small children.

Moreover, because Big Wipes work so well, a lot of my clients ask me to leave a tub behind when I finish decorating their house. They’ll see me using them to remove mildew and mould from a wall, or cleaning a counter, and comment on how good they are. My last client referred to them as “magic wipes”.


Which are the Best Big Wipes


Multi-Purpose and Multi-Surface Big Wipes are basically the same from what I can tell. They’re both biodegradable, both good for cleaning wet paint from hard surfaces, and both good for cleaning surfaces like kitchen units before you paint them.

The best wipes to go for in my opinion are Heavy Duty. It’s the same sort of thing as the other Big Wipe wipes I have just mentioned, but they’re rough, so they’re better at tackling stubborn contaminants like grease, or even dry paint. Heavy Duty will handle all the things the others do and more.

Big Wipes Review – A Full Guide – by Mike Gregory

Posted Sep 4, 2023 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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