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Rota Gold Roller Review from Ciret

Updated May 24, 2023 | Posted Jun 3, 2022 | Product Review, Tools | 0 comments

Rota Gold Roller Review from Ciret

By Mike Gregory


At the time of writing this review, the Rota Gold is brand new and only available in a small number of stockists. I know you can buy them online in limited sizes. Long and short pile naps are also available.

These roller sleeves have been developed and manufactured by Ciret, who are probably the biggest painting tool manufacturer in Europe. A lot of their products seem to go under the radar a little bit, but there are a few which stand out. The Kana Tank brush for example, is probably the best paintbrush for applying varnish and stain. I love the Beeline wallpaper paste too, as do a lot of other decorators I know. Masq Painters Tape is also worth a look!!


My Rota Gold Roller Review from Ciret


Right, let’s get down to my personal feelings about the Rota Gold paint roller. I’ll start with a little disclosure; I already love some of the other Rota products, especially the Rota Premier microfiber sleeve. These rollers punch well above their weight in terms of value for money.


The Rota Gold is different though. Ciret haven’t developed the Rota Gold to fit a certain price bracket. They took their time developing this product and introduced new technology to the fold. They made this roller to perform as well as it possibly can.

They used a woven polyamide to make the fibre on the sleeve, resulting in absolutely no shedding at all and very low spatter. They then coated the fibres in a LoTex water-repellent coating, which is unique to this roller. This adds a few benefits which include extending the lifespan of the roller and making it easy to wash out.

Moreover, it holds a phenomenal amount and distributes it evenly. It seems to just cling onto material and allows you to coat large areas of wall or ceiling in every dip.

I honestly love this product. My hope is every stockist clocks onto the quality of the roller and starts to supply it. I’d love to see the Rota Gold on the shelves at my local Crown Decorating Centre, or Tikkurila Pro Club. For now, I’ll just make do with buying them online. Click here to see online prices.

Updated May 24, 2023 | Posted Jun 3, 2022 | 0 comments

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