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Poor Standard of Decorating on a New Build House

Posted Jan 18, 2023 | Miscellaneous, Professional insight | 3 comments

The harsh reality of a £300k house completed and passed by the company selling it. We are coming across this more and more.

No primer anywhere, excessive use of caulk and silicone, terrible plaster finish and even worse decorating! There is paint on all new wood wardrobes, kitchen and door fittings. The list goes on and on. This really is a poor standard of decorating, and not what you should get with a new build house.

This customer and his family are currently in a hotel. The stress caused has brought his wife to tears.

The snag report from the firm is basically stating that they were going to botch the already botched work and are expecting the customer to wait weeks before any work starts.


We are a private decorating firm. This isn’t our work, but we have been contracted to do a complete redecoration of the house. We are having to rip everything off the walls, skirts etc. Unfortunately at the customer’s expense.

How is this acceptable at all? Surely there must be some sort of government policy that has to get put in place.

The pictures below are but a few we had over 300 snags in total.

Poor Standard of Decorating on a New Build House – Pristine Painting & Decorating LTD

Are new houses decorated properly
paint on a door lock in a house
bad plastering in a new home
bad workmanship
poor standard of decorating in a new build house
decorating in a new house

Posted Jan 18, 2023 | 3 comments

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  1. Richard

    Why am I not surprised?! Seen the work of such clowns in a job we did for a house only 2yrs after they’d moved in to their ‘brand new’ home. I refuse to work in the building industry in it’s current form, greed well above any idea of quality — I know as I’ve worked in it and witnessed said clowns — not just in P&D either! Get in, get paid, get out, repeat.

  2. Richard

    The problem is the mass housebuilders won’t pay decent money and just want units bashed out at full speed, combine that with the skills shortage and sales targets their backs are against the wall
    The money can be screwed down.

    In a £300k house painters not even get £3k which is 1 % of sales price house.

    It needs to be either that or full time snagger on site paid decent money to fix these problems.

    Always remember the volume housebuilders profit % margin is protected they have financial experts telling them how to maintain that % margin.

    That said l was always taught ,a first decor with contact matt IS a first decor.

    After 12/ 24 months once cracks settled shrinking complete then people should then pay own decent decorator to decorate.

    I think high prices homes and trades this has stopped and people expect a 100% job from day 1 from the builder , sadly it’s not always going to happen.

  3. richard whatmough

    It’s very easy to come in to a new house and snag the work of a subby who’s probably worked his nuts off for not that great a wage. New houses can be build in the winter with no heating or lighting so the plasterers have a nightmare getting stuff finished. Sockets and pipe work are often patched with plaster not easifill so the finish is terrible. Conditions can be below 5 so masking tape won’t even stick to surfaces to cover them up. And other trades are constantly changing things or plots are not even finished at time of decoration.


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