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HB42 Caulk Review – Everything You Need

Posted Aug 16, 2022 | Product Review, Sundries | 0 comments

HB42 caulk is a premium product available online, or from several different stockists. You can use this product inside or out and it boasts 12% flexibility. This means it can cope with movement quite well and you can use it to fill deeper gaps.

Another quality of HB42 caulk is it is resistant to mould, which is perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens where condensation can be an issue.


My HB42 Caulk Review


I’m not going to start churning out hundreds of words about a caulk because I know how un-sexy it is compared to other decorating products, but as far as caulk goes, this is the sexiest. I prefer using HB42 caulk over the other brands for a few reasons.

The main reason I like this product is it will not crack or craze, which is a massive issue with some of the comparable brands. Even when you paint over it with contract matt, or a cheap retail emulsion, it stands up well and looks mint.


HB42 caulk is very quick and easy to use too, which is a step up from some of the more expensive caulk products. You can apply thick beads and still keep everything nice and neat. Clean up is also nice and easy.

The flexibility gives me confidence when using it on stairways or around windows. There’s nothing worse than making a repair before decorating, only for everything to open again further down the line. It makes more sense to use something you know will last. The flexibility will also help when using it on the exterior of a property.


Cheaper Caulk Products


Pricewise, HB42 sits just below some of the other premium products, but there are plenty of very cheap alternatives. You should avoid cheap caulk at all costs because all it does is cause a headache. Cracking and crazing are the main issues, but it can also discolour your paint. You’ll find it messier to use and the repairs generally do not last if you apply thick beads.


HB42 Caulk Review – Everything You Need from a Caulk – by Mike Cupit


Posted Aug 16, 2022 | 0 comments

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