Pioneer Spirit Paintbrush Review

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This paintbrush is reasonably priced and is sold from a variety of trade outlets including Brewers and Dulux Trade Counter. Click here to see online prices. As a professional decorator of 20 years, I love trying new products. A friend of mine recommended the Pioneer, so I picked a couple of 3-inch brushes up and away I went. This is my Pioneer Spirit Paintbrush Review.


My Pioneer Spirit Brush Review


The Pioneer Spirit has bristles like no brush I have used previously. Within the brush there are three different shapes filaments. This, believe it or not, is to increase the amount of paint the brush can hold. Three different shapes sitting next to each other do not fit very smug and allow space in between the filaments, meaning there is a lot more space within the brush to hold the paint.

The other little feature you get with the Pioneer Spirit is its case. You get a robust plastic holder designed to keep your brush’s shape whilst it’s knocking around in your toolbox. I love it to be honest. Much better than the paper sleeves you get with some of the other brands. You can store your brush in the case, even if it’s still wet. No misshaping, no issues.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!! I took the brush out of its case and ran my fingers over the luxurious filaments, only to have a couple fall out!! Not the best of starts, but I cracked on anyway. I have had the brush for almost two months now and bristle loss isn’t a problem at all. The first job I used it on was emulsion in an empty rented house.

All the walls were going from magnolia to white. Contract matt on contract matt as well, meaning I was expecting the paint to drag and generally be a pain in the backside. I also had to apply two BIG THICK coats to all the walls in order for them to cover. Any more than two coats would cost me money.

I’ve got to say, there is no brush better suited to this type of job. The Pioneer Spirit  is absolutely perfect. It really does hold and deposit a stupid amount of paint! So much so, I didn’t even notice the usual dragging you do from contract matt. Applying heavy coats with ease is not an issue at all! I’d normally use Hamilton or Purdy, which are both good in their own right, but neither of those brands comes close to the Pioneer for paint pick up and distribution.

Another noticeable advantage of the brush is how little it flicked paint. I know that may sound a bit daft, but working for a landlord in an empty house usually means a tight price as everyone involved is trying to be cost effective. This means working at pace and a lesser brush can flick paint all over the place if you’re not careful.


This brush would also be perfect for house bashing, for much the same reason. You need to apply thick coats of paint over very porous surfaces. The Pioneer Spirit is also cheap enough to bag us and just throw away after a couple of jobs.

There are better brushes out there, but I always try to judge everything based on value. The thing about the Pioneer Brus Co is they produce trade quality (maybe lower end of that scale) for very little money. Based on the initial outlay, this is a fantastic brush. I often use it on professional decorating jobs and like it.

All in all, I love it. Great brush for not a lot of money. For more info click here

The best place I have found to buy these brushes online is PaintWell. Click here to see online prices.



Pioneer Spirit Paintbrush Review - Decorator's forum UK

A synthetic paintbrush used for both water-based and oil-based paint.

Product Brand: Pioneer Brush LTD

Editor's Rating:


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Holds a ridiculous amount of paint.
  • Gret quality.


  • You might use it for specific jobs like applying contract matt, but not for everyday use.

What Other Decorators Think

I’ve been pretty much a full time Purdy user over the last 20 years until last year when a few Ice fusion brushes were added to my collection- In all honesty these are reached for before the Purdys now as I find they hold more paint- so my eyes are now very much open to different manufacturers

Enter the Pioneer Spirit brush paintbrush

My initial thoughts were that it seemed well made, and I was really impressed by the thick plastic case it came with- We’ve all had a good brush end up mishapen after shoving it in some crevice of a tool bag on a Friday afternoon… anyway…

After using it side by side with the ProDec Ice Fusion, I was surprised to find that these brushes hold even more paint than those, they cut in very well and the paint just kept coming out of it. I’ve been using them more and more over the last few weeks and they’ve moved up the ranks to my first choice out of the brush box for emulsion.

Time is money at the end of the day and these brushes really shift. The Pioneer paintbrush are best suited for applying thick coats of emulsion, so I can see them working well on new build houses, or when I’m working for landlords.

Time will tell how they hold up and how they wear but so far so good.

For where to buy, click here

The best place online I have found is My Paintbrush

Michael Lotherington

Professional Decorator

Updated May 22, 2024 | Posted Jan 9, 2020 | 2 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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  1. Nick

    Not good to be fair, I’ve had several multi packs, they’ve all dropped to bits after 3-4 washes

  2. Tommy

    I got a pack of 3, for oil as my last Hamilton is starting to go.. I’ve heard good things, so I will let you guys know.when I get them out.


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