MakeGood Jointing & Filling Ready Mixed Review

MakeGood Jointing & Filling Ready Mixed Review

By Peter Whiter


So yesterday I had a lot of conflicting comments about this product on the Forum. Some saying it is good, others saying it isn’t. This is my review of MakeGood Jointing & Filling Ready Mixed.

It’s heavy bodied filler.  It doesn’t have a smooth creamy consistency for ease of use, but it is thick and you can work with it. I work it between two knives until I have the correct amount for application. When applied on a porous surface like a mist coat, it will draw quickly into the surface and dry fast, meaning you’re not waiting around before being able to sand.

However, first time using the Makegood, I left to dry over night because I had other bits to get on with. I was very impressed with how well it sanded. I went with 120 grit on RRS & ETS Festool sanders but a bit of scratch in your hand would do the same job. It left smooth finish; the filler dries hard enough so you know it isn’t going to go anywhere. There was no shrinkage or slumping as the filler dried, which I was really impressed with.

MakeGood Jointing and Filling Ready Mixed is perfect for light skims over minor imperfections. It does everything you want from a ready mixed filler.

One important thing to remember is to close the lid after every time you use it. Because it is rapid drying you will soon get a skim on top of your filler. In fact, I ended up having to clean the edges of the tub with a wet brush

I will be using this product again.

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