Gyproc Easi-filler Review finish, lightweight and multipurpose

Gyproc Easi-Filler Review – Ready Mixed

By Adam Featherstone

Thanks to Gyproc for asking to review the new range of ready mixed fillers, the Easifiller, Easifiller finish and lightweight filler, theses 3 fillers are the type of filler I use and I believe many would find handy to have in the van. This is my Gyproc Easi-filler review


  • Very easy to apply
  • Smooth out very nice
  • Lightweight filler set quite hard
  • Sands very easy


  • Drying time isn’t the best, especially on external walls
  • Tub sizes
  • easi fill and easi smooth ideally could do we being available in 20kg tubs, especially since the easi fill Smooth is perfect for skim filling full walls

First off let me say wow, I’m really impressed with the full range Gyproc have to offer, I used both the Easi-filler lightweight and Easi-filler finish in a bedroom to skim the walls smooth, they are both really easy to apply, a good stir and with taping knives it spreads out lovely, I Easifiller finish is slightly easier to apply.

I timed it so I filled the walls last thing of the day, so by the next morning it was bone dry, I used 320 grit on my Mirka deros which sanded it away lovely, even though 320 grit is a fine grit it didn’t struggle with it all, they are both similar to powdered easi filler where it just falls off when sanded.

Gyproc Easi-filler ready mixed review


Once I sanded it, I misted coated the walls, again no issues there, it’s very easy to paint over, the finish paint was a durable matt, there was no filler flashing through etc.

The lightweight is very impressive, most lightweight filler don’t set hard, you can still press them in with your finger, this lightweight is the first one that sets hard, I filled over an air brick vents so roughly half an inch deep, once it set I was struggling to push my finger into it, I think it will make an excellent combination with the Easifiller finish, ie fill any deep holes with the lightweight filler then skim over the top with the Finish filler.


Overall I’m not surprised the quality of these fillers, when you think Gyproc has been synonymous with excellent fillers for decades now.

It’s definitely a product I’m going to pick up and keep in the van, it’s available in 2.5ltr, 3ltr and 5ltr tubs, I noticed its on offer at the moment in johnstones. It’s definitely worth the money. For more information check out their website. 

There’s also a load more info on the Decorators Forum UK


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Gyproc Easi-filler Review – Ready Mixed