Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell Review

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Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell is an interior paint that can be used as an emulsion for walls and ceilings, or as a trim paint for radiators and internal woodwork.

Available online in any colour from Little Greene’s stylish range, you can buy Intelligent Eggshell in 1L, 2.5L and 5L tins.  This paint is touch dry after an hour or two, but you should wait a little longer before applying additional coats.

Little Greene Intelligent ASP should be used to prime difficult surfaces such as metal radiators and existing oil-based coatings before you apply Intelligent Eggshell. As a professional Decorator, I have used both products many times over recent years, so I thought I’d sit down and write a quick review. I’ll start with Intelligent ASP, then move on to the eggshell.


Little Greene Intelligent ASP Review


ASP stands for “all surface primer”, so you might use it on anything, including bare plaster, wood, metal, melamine, existing oil-based coatings and more.

We love adhesion primers at the Decorators Forum UK, but only when they perform well. I’m happy to report, Little Greene ASP does just that. One advantage of using this product over some of the other available primers, is you can buy ASP tinted in the same colour as your topcoat, which means you will need to apply less coats, saving time and money.


The adhesion of Little Greene Intelligent ASP to troublesome surfaces is brilliant. It sticks well to old gloss (which can be a lot to ask of a water-based product). I have also tested it on melamine, which was no problem, and bare plaster.

It’s quick and easy to apply and has fantastic opacity, making it the ideal undercoat for almost any surface. So, if you’re wondering whether to save a few quid and skip the primer, don’t. It’s a product that performs well and will help with the longevity of your paint finish. Click here to see current prices.


Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell Review


OK, sorry it’s taken me a while to get to it, but let’s talk about my personal views on Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell. It’s fantastic!! Easily one of the best acrylic eggshell products on the market. It flows beautifully from your brush or roller, and settles nicely on the painted surface.

Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell Review

Opacity is great too, so much so, it looks solid after one coat over Intelligent ASP, but you should always apply two coats to achieve the desired depth of colour.

Durability is also good, meaning it not only stands up to steam and heavy condensation in a bathroom, but the finish will also last on a door or window, whereas softer paints tend to scuff or chip if they get knocked.

The last thing to mention is the overall finish. As a Decorator, I’m used to trade eggshell paints, which can look cheap and plasticky. That isn’t the case with Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell! It seems softer and more luxurious than its trade counterparts, with none of the usual defects like picture framing and flashing. You don’t even have an issue with brush marks on woodwork, which is another common problem with most water-based eggshell paint products.


Final Thoughts


A lot of the designer brands I have used (such as Farrow and Ball) can massively underachieve in terms of finish and performance. However, Little Greene is the opposite end of the scale. To have an “all-in-one” emulsion and trim product that avoids all defects and leaves you with a luxuriously soft finish is quite rare.

I know it’s a step-up in price from trade paint, but you can tell the difference straight away, and so will your guests. I love this paint, and have no issue recommending it, especially when used in conjunction with ASP.

Click here to see current prices.

Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Feb 13, 2024 | Posted Jun 11, 2023 | 5 comments


  1. Phil

    Interesting. Better than BM Scuff – X?

    • Nathan

      I think so I’ve used both little green primer and intelligent eggshell Sparta beautifully and the rolled finish is great

      • Tomcio

        Intelligent eggshel is very prone to burnishing and it gets dissolved by the skin grease.
        I’ve had more than a 100 kitchens painted with it and believe me it’s crap.

    • Nathan

      I think so I’ve used both little green primer and intelligent eggshell sprays beautifully and the rolled finish is great

  2. Alan

    I’ve tried using Little Greene Intelligent Satin but I can’t get a decent finish, brush marks everywhere. I did a windowsill (previously painted with eggshell, sanded smooth) and some skirting (removed from wall and laid flat, previously painted, sanded smooth and primed with little Greene ASP). Used a synthetic brush (tried 2 different makes) but still full of brush marks. The paint just doesn’t seem to flow.

    I gave up and tried Crown Fastflow Satin which has turned out brush mark free and smooth. I don’t think it’s my technique, I’ve been painting successfully for around 30 years.

    Anybody had similar problems? My sister uses the LG Eggshell and tells me she gets a perfect finish using the same brushes I used. Can’t understand it. Anyone else noticed this?


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