Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion Review

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As a Professional Decorator and Blogger for the Decorators Forum UK, I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write a very quick Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion review after using it in a period property.

Little Greene are a premium paint and wallpaper manufacturer, who pride themselves on their expertise and knowledge of historical decorating trends – hence their partnership with the National Trust, with whom they work on both paint colours and formulations, and wallpaper designs. They are a UK-based, family-run business.

Absolute Matt Emulsion is their most popular paint and is available in all the colours from their extensive range. Absolute Matt is available in 60ml sample pots, and 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 10L tins. Click here to see the full range.

It’s a water-based, child-safe paint with a very low sheen level (around 3%), and with a coverage rate of approximately 14 square meters per litre, and a re-coat time of 4 hours.  Not only are all the Little Greene colours based on historical research; Absolute Matt is also described as a “traditional, breathable finish”, which makes it ideal for period properties and for surfaces such as lime plaster.


What is Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion Like to Use?


First impressions were very positive; Little Greene Absolute Matt looked “rich”, it had a nice thick consistency (you could probably “let it out” a little with a drop of water or paint conditioner if you were painting on a porous surface or a warm day), and very little odour.

Little Greene say that the paint can be applied by brush, roller or spray (the product data sheet provides information on recommended tip sizes etc).  I opted for brush and roller, using my new Axus Décor Silk Touch Ultra 2½” brush and my trusty Hamilton Perfection roller.

It didn’t take long to convert my positive initial impressions into a “wow”! Little Greene Absolute Matt goes on really nicely. I’m trying to stay away from commenting about the opacity of paints, because it can depend as much on the colour you have chosen as on the paint brand, but the opacity was great!

Showing the opacity of Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion on a wall
A wall painted with Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion

OK, I wasn’t covering a particularly strong colour, but I could almost have got away with one coat. I didn’t, I did two, and I’m glad I did, because the depth of the colour on the finished wall is lovely, but as you can see from the photo, even with just one coat it covers very well (N.B: paint is obviously still wet in this photo!).


The Finish of Little Greene Absolute Matt


Once it’s dry, it leaves a lovely matt finish and a depth/richness of colour that really does reflect the high pigment levels that Little Greene claim.  The very low sheen level helps disguise many of the imperfections you’d expect to find in older plaster, as well as looking great! Yes, it’s a premium product and it’s not cheap, but if you’re working in an older property (I was in a lovely detached house built in 1900) and want both a colour and a finish which look perfectly in keeping with the room, Little Greene Absolute Matt would be a great place to start.


Final Thoughts


This isn’t an “everyday” paint. It’s a premium product that (unlike some) actually delivers a premium finish. It’s lovely to use and lovely to look at afterwards. I wouldn’t use it in a council house or a rental property. I probably wouldn’t use it in most areas of my own house – it’s beautiful, but I get the impression from its slightly “chalky” feel that it’s not very durable (although they also make an “Intelligent Emulsion” which is apparently more able to withstand the rigours of everyday life).

But if you’re painting in an older property (or even in a more modern property but you’re trying to create that look and feel), and in a room where there is less likely to be wear and tear, this will look stunning.

Click here to see full range and online prices.


Little Greene Absolute Matt Emulsion Review For Decorators Forum UK

By Robin Gofton – Wokingham Decorating Services

Posted Mar 12, 2024 | 0 comments


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