Leyland Acrylic Eggshell Review

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Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell is a water-based paint which can be used either as an emulsion on interior walls and ceilings, or as a woodwork paint for internal trim. You can buy this paint in Brilliant White, or a wide range of colours online, or from any Johnstone’s Decorating Centre.

It joined Leyland’s ‘Hardwearing Range’ some time ago, which is a testament to its durability. Touch dry in around 2 hours, you can recoat Leyland Acrylic Eggshell after around 4 hours, but this depends on conditions. Click here to see online prices.


My Leyland Acrylic Eggshell Review


As a professional decorator, I use this paint on a regular basis, normally as an emulsion. It costs roughly £10 per litre for a tinted colour, which is relatively cheap when you compare it to its Johnstone’s, Dulux and Crown counterparts.

It’s worth every penny too!! Ease of use is fantastic, you’ll find if flows from your brush and roller with ease, and it seems to go a long way.

Opacity is also good, even in white (which is unusual for an eggshell). Two coats will normally handle a big colour change with ease.


The best thing about Leyland Acrylic Eggshell is the overall finish. A lot of other eggshell products look cheap when spread over large areas. This one doesn’t. You won’t see any flashing, picture framing, or roller marks either.

Pound for pound, I think this paint is fantastic. You could spend big and go for one of the designer brands, but this is easily as good as anything else in the same price bracket.

That said, I personally wouldn’t use it to paint woodwork. Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell is a fantastic emulsion with a good finish and very durable, but I tend to stick to specialist paints for trim, like Johnstone’s Aqua Guard or WRX satin.


Where to Buy


You can get Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell from any Johnstone’s Decorating Centre, but unless you qualify for a trade discount, it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy it online. Click here to see online prices.

Leyland Acrylic Eggshell Review – by Mike Gregory

Posted Mar 1, 2023 | 0 comments


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