Johnstone’s Trade Shed and Fence Treatment Review

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Johnstone’s Trade Woodworks Exterior Shed and Fence Treatment is a water-based product used on, well, sheds and fences. It is available online in various colours and sold in 5L tubs. This is a water-based paint with a drying time of between 1 and 3 hours, depending heavily on the conditions. You should ensure the timber is completely dry before applying the treatment.

Johnstone’s Trade Shed and Fence Treatment helps to make timber surfaces look more aesthetically pleasing and get your garden summer-ready. It also helps prolong the life of the wood by sinking into the substrate and repelling water, meaning the timber does not rot.


My Johnstone’s Trade Shed and Fence Treatment Review


Two coats are advised for bare timber or colour changes. One “maintenance coat” every two years thereafter should be ample to keep your fence or shed looking good and the timber well protected. Ease of use and opacity are spot on. You’ll find Johnstone’s Trade Shed and Fence Treatment a joy to use.


Being a water-based product, this treatment is safer for the environment than traditional oil-based products, which is a major selling point in any natural garden. Clean-up is dead easy too.

This does come with a downside though; Water-based fence treatments generally need additional coats every couple of years, whereas oil-based products tend to last a bit longer. For me, this is a small price to pay, but you may feel differently.




I like Johnstone’s Trade Shed and Fence Treatment. It’s a product I’ve used loads of in the past and I’ll continue to use moving forward. It’s water-based, easy to use and very cheap. What more could you want?? Click here to see current prices and options.

Click here for a simple “how to” guide on fence painting.

Updated Apr 15, 2024 | Posted Apr 21, 2022 | 1 comment

About the Author

About the Author

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1 Comment

  1. Kenny

    Have to disagree
    Don’t waste your money
    I painted my own fence panels August 2021 height of summer.

    Friday – Washed all fencing down
    Allowed to dry
    First coat applied Saturday & allowed to dry 24 hours
    2nd coat applied Sunday

    It’s May 2022 and it’s faded and failed in so many places.

    Luckily it was on promo at Johnstone’s and I paid a £1 a litre approx.

    Would not recommend giving a customer a guarantee of any length of time


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