Johnstone’s Perfect Matt Review

By Mark Groves


So, I finished the walls in a HSL using the new Johnstone’s Perfect Matt today. What a paint! The finish is smooth, very flat, chalky like F&B, and tough. Its covers very well and is lovely to use, although needed a touch of water as it’s quite thick. Was easy to cut straight lines, no flashing or picture framing at all even if I let the cut in line dry first. No reflection or roller marks visible at all, even on walls with bright light source to one end. Well worth the money, and having spoken to my Johnstone’s manager today, the price I can buy it for is similar to Durable or Cleanable Matt 👌


Johnstone’s Perfect Matt Review – For the Johnstone’s website, click here

Good to see your post. I’ve used the paint several times now, in colour and white, in similar conditions as you described and had the same results. Seen a few negatives about it which I can’t understand🤔

Brilliant paint.

Jim Rolfe

I cannot fault Johnstone’s paints. Always use them

Kirstin Williams

Didn’t seem completely flat Matt to me, definitely not chalky in appearance as far as I could tell. I’m using it again next week though

Joe Elwick

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