Johnstone’s perfect Matt review

by Michael Lotherington of MJL Property Services Ltd



I was asked to review the new Johnstone’s Perfect Matt which I was excited to try as it claims to tick a lot of boxes (flawless matt finish, scrubbable, no picture framing and can touch up without showing)


I decided to use it at home in my downstairs WC. I’d previously painted it in Machpherson vinyl matt (god knows why I didn’t use something durable- I was just trying my luck I think- this looked tired after only a couple of weeks with marks and even dust showing up on the walls easily)


The colour is Farrow and ball’s off black (equivalent) so it’s very unforgiving.


Upon applying the first coat of the Johnstone’s perfect matt, the first thing I noticed is just how “matt” it is- it really doesn’t reflect any light and looks stunning especially in the dark colour.


It went on well (I added 5% water) and seemed to cover well – hard to say though as the walls were already dark.


Once I had completed the 2 coats, I was really impressed with how it looks. Since then it has stood up to some wiping/ scrubbing where toothpaste marks/ hand marks were. There are no shiny marks left where I’ve scrubbed it.


I’ve also tested it for picture framing, I touched up a large area with a fussy blokes 4 inch roller around three weeks after first painting and it blends in perfectly (which is a big ask in this dark colour)


This is a premium product with a premium price tag but for customers who like farrow and ball, fired earth etc. I’ll be recommending it as It looks great and is way more durable for the same money.


Johnstone’s perfect Matt review – for more information check out Johnstone’s website by clicking here


Johnstone’s Perfect Matt Review - Tinted Colour
does perfect matt touch up?
Johnstone’s Perfect Matt Review - Tinted Colour

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