Johnstone’s oil-based eggshell review, an interior low sheen woodwork product

Johnstone’s Oil-Based Eggshell Review

By Scott Murphy



Johnstone’s oil-based eggshell is a full bodied solvent based eggshell paint. When you first open the tin, you could stand a stick upright in the paint, that tells me it has guts, and boy it certainly does. This eggshell must be one of the best products of its type on the market! Much better than its Crown and Dulux rivals.




Applied by brush and roller, you can’t really go wrong with this product. Johnstone’s eggshell is so forgiving and flows away lovely, leaving a very even finish with hardly any effort. Even using a mini roller foam or fibre, it flows nicely without having to lay off.


How long Does Oil-Based Eggshell Take to Dry?


Overnight is the rule of thumb for me. Well, recoat time is 16 hours and there’s no point trying to rush things, otherwise you compromise the finish. It can be tacky on the second coat I’ve found, but never caused any finish issues.


Finish Once Dry?


Johnstone’s oil-based eggshell has quite a sheen level to begin with, but it calms down after around 2 weeks. Once the molecular science takes over (just guessing that part) it flattens right off, to leave a very classic subtle flat finish with a slight sheen. On period or modern properties, it’s a perfect product.



Can Johnstone’s Oil-Based Eggshell be Tinted?


Yes, ian be tinted into any colour you wish. Some colours look great in eggshell!


External / Internal


Johnstone’s oil-based eggshell is an internal product only. They do a product called Stormshield for exteriors which are boss.




Now this a contentious issue with most oil-based paints nowadays. Personally, I have found Johnstone’s oil-based eggshell to hold its colour very well. I’ve been back to lots of jobs done 2 or 3 years past and it still looks spot on. There may be a slight discoloration, but nothing that would shout out at you.



How hard wearing is Johnstone’s Eggshell?


It’s a good wipeable finish. A scuff mark from a shoe or similar leaving a black mark can generally be rubbed of once paint is cured.



Tin Sizes


1litre up to 5 litre sizes. And the shelf life is great if the lid is airtight. How many times have you had to cut a skin off paint being lazy and not putting lid on tight?? More than once I bet.


Is Johnstone’s Oil-Base Eggshell Expensive?


The price will vary from place to place. If you have a trade account with preferable rates, you may be better going directly to Johnstone’s Decorating Centre. If you don’t have a trade account, then you’ll almost certainly be able to buy Johnstone’s oil-based eggshell online from a website like The Paintshed.




Great product that is easily applied giving a fantastic finish, at a fair price. You can’t get much better than that.

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Johnstone’s Oil-Based Eggshell Review