Hanford and Green acrylic satin review - a hard wearing water-based paint for woodwork

Hanford and Green Review

By Simon Young


So this week in lockdown I’ve been painting my own bedroom. I’ve been using this stuff, Hanford & Green.


I’d never heard of them to be honest, but I was keen to give it a bash. I was sent dome acrylic matt and some acrylic satin from Mike Cupit on the Decorators Forum UK in return for my honest opinions on the products. This is my Hanford and Green Review.


So, let’s look at the Acrylic matt. It’s marketed as “great opacity & durability.” Only time will tell about its durability claim. From the tub it has great flow if a tad thin perhaps. Some folks like their emulsion thinner, I prefer it thick. I wasn’t blown away with the opacity to be honest, however it did cover comfortably in 2 coats over an off white that was very dirty. I’d put it in the same opacity level as Tikkurila Anti=Reflex 2… Not fantastic, but OK. It cut in great and rolled well with an Oldfields and microfiber 12″ roller with minimal orange peel effect. It’s on the expensive side. I believe its £38.50 for 5lts.


Now let’s talk about the acrylic satin. The opacity is as good as any of the typical “off the shelf” water based acrylic satins. It flows beautifully off the brush! I put it over old oil gloss with a coat of Whitsons serving as a primer/undercoat. Looks great and is very white. I’d definitely would consider using it as my regular WB satin, if it were actually available off the shelf. And that’s the problem with all these new paints. They simply don’t have the availability or distribution of the big brands. Not everyone can or wants to mail order the paint 5 days before the job. What if you miss calculated the job and need 1 or 2.5lts to finish and have to wait 4 days for gear? HMG are in the same boat, fantastic paint! Have to order it because nowhere really sells it off the shelf! So it kind of pushes it to the back of your mind when pricing up jobs. However, that doesn’t change the facts the acrylic satin from Hanford & Green is mighty impressive.

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