Tip For Decorating Radiator Pipes

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A Handy Tip For Decorating Radiator Pipes

Radiator pipes can be an eyesore, particularly if, like me, you take great pride in your decorating work. What is the answer? Do you paint them? Well, you could, but it isn’t ideal. For me, these little plastic tubes are perfect. All you do is slide them on, and off you go. Perfect pipes, out of view.

The best thing about decorating (well hiding) your pipes like this, is they’re hidden forever. It isn’t like paint, which will discolour or blister over time. Once you’ve slid plastic tube over your pipe, you never need to worry about it again.

No faffing around either. You can pick these pipe covers up online by clicking here. You can cut to length, then just slide them on the radiator pipe, dead easy and they look, well, they hide the pipe. Anyone can use these.

If after reading this blog, you still want to paint your radiator pipes, then that’s fine too. However, water-based paint will react with copper, so make sure you use an oil-based undercoat first. Then you can either opt for an oil-based satinwood, or even a water-based coating. But just remember, painting isn’t ideal and won’t last forever. These pipes are much better.

They look nicer than painting, just see how long they take to discolour if they do.

15mm White 10 x Radsnaps 15mm Pipe Covers

Click here for a place to buy these things

Blog written by Rachel Bates – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated Jun 24, 2024 | Posted Jan 24, 2019 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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