Glixtone AC-1 High Performance masonry Review

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Glixtone AC-1 High Performance Masonry paint is a high-end water-based product for exterior use. You can buy this paint in white, or just about any colour. Use water to clean-up, but you shouldn’t dilute Glixtone AC-1 masonry paint. I hope you enjoy my review.

Is Glixtone AC-1 High Performance Masonry Paint Any Good?


Upon using Glixtone AC-1 High Performance Masonry paint for the first time, it seems to have an amazing opacity, and a very bright white finish. The tinted colours leave an awesome finish too! Generally, I’m impressed. Straight out of the tin, it cuts in well, and it provides a wonderfully even-rolled finish; using a medium pile Hamilton roller sleeve. The walls were bleached prior to painting, and the biocide in this paint keeps the white nice and bright for a few years of years.

The COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health), describes Glixtone AC-1 High Masonry paint as:

  1. High Performance, Water-Borne, Exterior Coating with outstanding anti-carbonation properties.
  2. High moisture vapour permeability for uses on substrates that themselves have vapour permeability, for example, Wychert/Cob buildings finished in Lime Render.


It also classifies itself as Elastomeric and exceptionally flexible- moves with the substrate.

The product does state that it’s good for up to 30 years. Most masonry paints come with a 5 year guarantee, so you can see from the outset this a premium product.

It also states that it’s good for seaside areas. This is another positve indication of the longevity of Glixtone AC-1 High Performance Masonry paint.

On the whole I give this product a ‪9/10‬, it has excellent capacity, and my only concern is that it’s a little thin. It has a slight sheen, but clearly that’s just to allow water run off. It does seem a cut above most of the other masonry paints I have tried, most of which are named on the Decorators Forum UK. The only other one I think would be better is Emperor Paints.

The best place I have found to buy Glixtone AC-1 High Performance Masonry paint is online at Rawlings by clicking here.


Glixtone AC-1 High Performance masonry Review - Decorator's forum UK

This is a water-based paint used to coat exterior masonry and render.

Product Brand: Glixtone

Editor's Rating:


  • Anti fungicidal.
  • Thin and easy to pour.
  • Nice coverage.
  • Good finish.
  • Easy to use.


  • Seems very airy, but that may help in drying.
  • Seems almost too thin, so it can spatter on application.

Updated May 19, 2024 | Posted Aug 3, 2019 | 0 comments

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