Emperor Paints Masonry Paint Review

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As a decorator, I’ve been using masonry paint for over 20 years, but Emperor Paints isn’t normal masonry paint, is it? Which is why I thought I’d take the time to write a quick review.

Emperor Paint use something called hydrophobic technology to repel moisture. Because of this technology, a surface painted with Emperor Masonry Paint will last approximately 25 years before it needs repainting!!

There’s more, Emperor Paint Masonry Paint is self-cleaning and even heat retaining. It does what it says too. A surface painted with this product will be around 6 degrees warmer than a surface painted with standard masonry paint. Moreover, the painted surface will always remain breathable!


Applying Emperor Masonry Paint


Emperor Masonry Paint is a fully water-based product available online by clicking here in white (which is more like ‘brilliant white’), or a handful of contemporary colours. If buying direct, you can use ‘DFUK’ at the checkout for a small discount. The tub sizes are 5L, or 10L and you can apply it via brush, roller, or airless sprayer.


Feel free to dilute Emperor Paints Masonry Paint to aid ease of use, but allow 8 hours curing time in-between coats. This can be a bit of a pain if you only have one wall to paint, as it means you can’t complete your painting in a single day.

To achieve the longevity boasted by Emperor Paints, you should wash surfaces down with their specialist cleaner. Porous surfaces, or bare render should be sealed using Emperor Paints wall primer. Again, if buying direct, use code Forum5.


My Emperor Paints Masonry Paint Review


So, we know the technical attributes of Emperor Masonry Paint puts it ahead of every other products on the market. Moreover, the price difference between this and standard masonry paint can be justified by the heat retaining qualities and longevity of the finish, but as a decorator, I want to talk about how this product performs from a practical and aesthetic point of view. For me, a premium price tag demands premium performance on all fronts. And let’s face it, Emperor Masonry Paint comes with a premium price tag.

Emperor Paints heat retaining masonry paint review
Emperor Paints heat retaining masonry paint review

I like to add a little bit of water when using this product, which makes the overall flow when applying the paint second to none. Opacity is very good. In fact, two coats of paint are all you need for any strong colour change.

I know Emperor Paints is different to anything else on the market, but it still feels like a masonry paint when you’re using it. You can flood and hide minor imperfections such as hairline cracks with ease.

The best thing for me is the overall finish. You can tell this paint is a step above anything else, just by looking at the painted surface. The finish is a true flat matt, so it doesn’t highlight imperfections. There is no flashing or roller marks, everything looks even. The colour is rich and luxurious.



It baffles me how some people can be put off by the price of something, even though opting for a cheaper alternative is false economy. Don’t get me wrong, this is an expensive paint, and I have trouble convincing some of my clients it’s worth paying extra for.

However, for me, by going for Emperor Paints Masonry Paint, you’re not going to need to touch the paintwork again for up to two and half decades!! It is going to stay clean, repel water, allow a surface to breathe and retain heat. If you understand all that and still opt for a bog-standard masonry paint on your home, then there’s something seriously wrong. This is the masonry paint I use on my own house.

For more information, please visit – https://emperorpaint.co.uk/ (use DFUK at the checkout for discount).


Review Summary

Emperor Paints Masonry Paint Review - Decorator's forum UK

A high-end silicone-based masonry paint used to coat exterior walls, sandstone, and other stonework. Available in white and a handful of colours.

Product Brand: Emperor Paint

Editor's Rating:


  • Great opacity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fantastic finish.
  • Very breathable.
  • Hydrophobic.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Heat retaining.


  • Expensive.



What is the SD value of Emperor masonry paint?

An SD value basically tells you how breathable a paint film is. This is important, simply because if a paint isn’t breathable and is applied to exterior masonry, then it may trap moisture. This can cause your masonry paint to fail, or even damage to the property.

For a masonry paint to be classed as breathable, it needs to have an SD value of less than one. A bare wall has an SD value of 0.1. Emperor paint has an SD value of 0.3, which is testament to just how breathable the paint really is.


How long does it take for Emperor paint to dry?

Emperor Masonry Paint takes between 1 and 2 hours to become touch dry in temperatures of 20 degrees or more, however the recoat time is more like 8 hours. This is a lot longer than most other water-based masonry paints. You should always adhere to recoat times to avoid problems.


Can you Paint Over Existing Paint with Emperor Masonry Paint?

In short, yes. Emperor Masonry Paint has great adhesion, so painting over old paint is not an issue. That said, it does affect the breathability of the paint film. Emperor masonry Paint is breathable, but the existing paint may not be.


Other Decorators Review Emperor Paints Masonry Paint

Bryan Dennett

This bungalow needed painting every 2 years, as the paint kept cracking, peeling and becoming very dirty.

I was tasked with Repainting it on one occasion and told the client about the benefits of Emperor Masonry paint.

All the prep was carried out and cracks repaired using Toupret Murex. All bare and repaired areas of masonry were primed with Zinsser Bullseye 123. The property was then coated with 2 coats of Emperor Masonry Paint in Cream.

This was done in back in August 2021. It is just round the corner from me and is still spotlessly clean, no flaking or cracking. My client has told me that the internal walls seem warmer, which is another selling point for Emperor.

Following on from this, the bottom sections of brickwork around the property were then coated with Emperor Masonry Crème and subsequently had no more damp issues.

Bottom line – Lovely paint, highly recommend 👍🏻

L. F. Dennett & Son

A house painted with Emperor Paints Masonry Paint

Scott Dowie

As a Decorator, I love Emperor Paints. I use it on all my exterior painting now. Not just the masonry paint, but their Masonry Crème too.

This is a house we painted in summer. The white and grey masonry were both done using Emperor Products. We know it’s going to last and help insulate the house.

We used a different paint on the windows.

FD Decor.

Before and after of a house painted using Emperor Paints.

Jason Maunders

We used Emperor Masonry Paint on this old nunnery convent, now converted into a house. Before we started, it was suffering with bad cracks and peeling paint, as well as condensation on the internal walls.

This was because the original paint wasn’t allowing the old single blocks to breathe.

Emperor Masonry Paint is most definitely one of the best masonry paints we’ve used. It easily solved the issues. It’s self-cleaning too, which is another real bonus.

DS Property Services London

Emperor masonry paint used on a house to stop internal walls from being damp.

Updated Jun 6, 2024 | Posted May 4, 2022 | 2 comments

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About the Author

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    l am sure its a great product and energy saving great but Its a very bold claim with UK weather 25 years…The paint companies that advertise never paint again offer similar 25 years again its pretty difficult to believe.

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    Can Anyone advise if after 10 years the emperor masonry paint is still looking good?


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