Earthborn Clay Paint Review

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Earthborn Clay Paint is a water-based emulsion suitable, for interior walls and ceilings. Available online by clicking here in a limited, but desirable range of colours, the standout quality of this emulsion is its breathability, meaning it can be used on lime plaster as well as other surfaces.

Earthborn Clay Paint is touch dry after an hour or so, but you should wait at least 6 hours before applying a second coat.  Fully cured after 10 days. The sheen level of this paint is around 2.6%, which is incredibly low for an emulsion.


My Earthborn Clay Paint Review


It’s hard for me to compare Earthborn Clay Paint to other emulsion products on the market because it is so different! The consistency of the paint is creamy, and the smell is a lot more pleasant than I’m used to. You do experience a little spatter from your paint roller, which is probably down to the slightly heavier materials in the paint. The other thing to bear-in-mind is Earthborn Clay Paint does drag slightly, but you can overcome that by diluting the paint with a little bit of water.

They are probably the only negatives I can find. The talking point is the materials Earthborn Clay Paint is made from. They’re all natural, which means it’s safer to have in your home. It’s also breathable, which is why you can use it on lime plaster, although don’t make the mistake of thinking Earthborn Clay Paint can only be used on lime plaster, because it makes an incredible emulsion on any type of plaster.

One thing to expect from some natural mineral paints is visible flashing, but you don’t encounter such defects when using Earthborn Clay Paint. This could be down to the incredibly low sheen level, which by the way, leaves you with a gorgeous chalky finish. You get a sense of depth and luxury from this paint, which would suit any home.

Opacity is fantastic too! Honestly, Earthborn have done an amazing job with this product. To use nothing but natural materials, and still come up with something that performs as well as this Clay Paint does is a fantastic achievement.


The price of 5L of Earthborn Clay Paint in a tinted colour is close to £100, which puts it in the same bracket as the designer paints. I consider Earthborn better quality than most of the other designer brands, so the price represents good value for money.

So, if you want a breathable emulsion with a gorgeous finish and is safer for your family, I’d recommend considering Earthborn Clay Paint..

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Review Summary

Earthborn Clay Paint Review - Decorator's forum UK

A natural clay paint used as an emulsion for interior walls and ceilings. This paint can be used on both normal plaster, and on lime plaster.

Product Brand: Earthborn

Editor's Rating:


  • Shows no defects once applied.
  • Has a lovely depth of colour.
  • Very low sheen luxurious finish.
  • Good opacity.
  • Breathable.


  • Some spatter from the roller (which is the same with any clay paint)
  • Can drag very slightly on application.

The Best Brush and Roller to Apply Earthborn Clay Paint


Any decorator will tell you that you will always achieve a better finish when decorating, if you use good-quality tools. If you’re going to spend good money on a quality material like Clay Paint, then there’s no point in skimping on the tools.

As far as the brush goes, I’d recommend looking at the ProDec Ice Fusion. You’ll find it well-made, holds loads of paint and doesn’t break the bank. Available online here.

Another brush worth mentioning is the Pioneer Spirit Eco, which is manufactured out of recycled materials. This is a great paintbrush for its price, and one I use on a regular basis due to its environmentally friendly credentials. Available online here.

Next, you’ll need a paint roller. As Earthborn Clay Paint is very flat and can drag slightly on application, you may find it easier to apply it with a long pile roller like the Purdy Colossus (either 6 or 12 inch will be fine). The spread rate of these paint rollers is fantastic, which is brilliant for heavier paint products. Available online here.


Other Products from Earthborn


I thought I’d quickly mention some of the other Earthborn products in case you were considering this brand for an entire project. Like Clay Paint, all these products are breathable and environmentally friendly. As well as being safe around pets, people with breathing difficulties, and people with allergies.


Earthborn Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a durable matt emulsion used on interior walls and ceilings. Like Clay Paint, the sheen level is incredibly low. This paint is perfect for high-traffic areas like a hallway, or even a kitchen, as it will deal with scuffs or condensation.


Earthborn Eggshell No17

This is a fully water-based eggshell, which you might use as an emulsion in challenging environments like bathrooms, or a porchway where your family kick off their muddy wellies. However, this paint is more commonly used on internal woodwork. You will need to use Earthborn Multipurpose Primer prior to using this product.


Earthborn Eco Chic

Eco Chic is another water-based paint, this time for use on furniture. It’s a little bit like Earthborn’s answer to Anne Slone paint (but not as tacky). You will need to apply a coat of Earthborn Furniture Wax to protect the surface after applying Earthborn Eco Chic.


Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paint

Silicate-based masonry paint seems to be becoming more popular now due to its breathability, water repellent qualities and “self-cleaning” capabilities. Earthborn’s version needs a separate primer to work correctly.

Updated Jun 14, 2024 | Posted Jan 5, 2023 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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