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I don’t know whether I’m the right person to write a Dalapro Roll Nova review. On one hand, at the time of writing this review, I’m one of the only Decorators in the UK who has used it. On the other, this is the first roll-on filler I have used, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.

Dalapro Roll Nova is indeed a roll-on filler. It’s grey, ready mixed, and quite heavy. All you do is apply it to a wall or ceiling using a paintbrush and roller, then smooth it out with a large filling blade. It takes around 8 hours to dry (depending on conditions). Then you just sand it off, dust it down, and apply your paint.


My Dalapro Roll Nova Review


Using this filler was a bit of a learning curve for me. As a Decorator I tend to prep walls in the usual way. However, I’d heard about Dalapro Roll Nova and I had a job to complete with particularly bad walls, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The Dalapro Roll Nova itself is quite heavy. I took some advice from a Decorator online and whisked it using a paint stirrer on a drill. This made it a little lighter and easier to use. You will need a roller on a pole to apply Dalapro Roll Nova, otherwise you’ll have a very sore wrist.


Other than that, it’s very easy to get it on the walls. You need to sheet up properly before you start because it does flick about a bit. I taped sockets up on the walls and skimmed around them, but it’s probably easier to take them off.

There’s no issue with adhesion between Dalapro Roll Nova and wall or ceiling. I found it quite difficult to smooth it off at first, but I then gave it a little spray with water and it became a lot easier. It doesn’t take very long to skim a full room with Dalapro Roll Nova. It’s a lot quicker than filling, sanding and lining.

I left the filler overnight to dry then gave it a quick sand off. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get it completely smooth. I just had two little spots that needed a little bit more filler; one next to a socket and the other was a nail pop.

open tub of Dalapro Roll Nova with a paint roller and brush
wall skimmed using Dalapro Roll Nova roll on filler



Can I skim a wall with filler?

Skimming a wall with filler is surprisingly easy, providing you get your prep right and you use a good quality material. Your wall needs to be solid to begin with. If it isn’t, just stabilise with diluted PVA before you start. Then apply Dalapro Roll Nova with a paint roller, and smooth with a blade. Keep working it until you have a smooth finish.


Can I use Dalapro Roll Nova over Artex?

You can providing the Artex is sound. I’d advise applying multiple thin coats of Dalapro Roll Nova. Otherwise, you’re adding a lot of weight and moisture and your Artex is more likely to fail. Thick coats also take longer to dry too.


Why does my filler keep cracking?

When this happens, it’s usually because the plasterboard behind has become loose, causing movement. You can either pin the plasterboard back to the joists with drywall screws and then fill. Or, bridge the crack with scrim tape before starting.

Review Summary

Dalapro Roll Nova Review - Roll on Filler - Decorator's forum UK

A roll-on filler used to skim large areas, including full walls and ceilings.

Product Brand: Delapro

Editor's Rating:


  • Anyone can use this product and get reasonably good results.
  • A lot cheaper than paying for a plasterer.
  • You end up with freshly skimmed walls or ceilings.


  • The product itself is more expensive than Multifinish.
  • It can be a bit hard going on your wrists if you try to apply it without a roller pole.

Final Thoughts


I’ve just come back to this review a few weeks after I wrote it. In that time, I have tried a different brand of roll on filler and found it very difficult to use compared to Dalapro. The drying time with the other product was too quick, so it was near impossible to skim a wall and get a good finish. I also found it more difficult to spread than Delapro Roll Nova and heavier.

Another thing I did since first trying Dalapro Roll Nova is publish the above video on The Decorators Forum UK social media channels. In doing so, I seemed to have upset a lot of plasterers. Apparently, they don’t like it when someone shows a product that the average homeowner can apply on their own to skim a wall.

I think good plasterers are always going to be busy. They shouldn’t feel threatened by this.

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Updated Jun 22, 2024 | Posted Dec 30, 2023 | 5 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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  1. Charlie Taylor

    Looks like it does the job. Especially if it’s bad walls would definitely try this method.

    Charlie 😁🖒

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    I am going to try this one. Looks great.

  3. Lynda Edwards

    Is it OK to paper over it

  4. Anthony Linder

    Can you go over wallpaper with this?

  5. Al Parish

    I’ll need to give this gear a go! In the past I’ve just thinned out some Gyproc Promix Lite, end result was flawless!


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