Cyklone Mixing Device Review – Multi Purpose

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Received this Cyklone Mixing Device a few weeks ago and been a little behind with reviews. But on the up side it has also meant that this has been taken out on a multitude of jobs and I can give a completely honest Cyklone Mixing Device Review. There is more contect about the Cyklone on the Decorators Forum UK

The idea of the Cyklone Mixing Device is simple. You attach it to a drill, then use it to whisk paint before using it for decorating. You might use a Cyklone when diluting paint, or just ensuring the pigments are evenly distributed throughout the material.


My Review


When it first arrived I have to be honest, I was fractionally sceptical. Surely this is re-inventing the wheel and we all have either a stirring stick or a whisk that goes in our drill. But I stand corrected. This is a lovely piece of kit! I know I know, it only mixes paint. But it now comes everywhere with us. It can mix water into emulsion for a mist coat far quicker than I can do manually. Ive used it to mix resin when completing sample boards for customers. We have used it every week and I think what makes it so practical is its size. I can use it and wipe if off in seconds. I don’t have to leave it out to dry or spin it in water to clean.


It can be cleaned off so quickly it can be used almost immediately again for a different colour.

Its light and if I required more it wouldn’t take up any space in my work vehicle. We will be getting another of these in the future.

It gets right into the edge of paint tins so no area is missed.

Admittedly it means you need to carry a drill around with you, but we have one of these as standard for just in case moments. Its just a useful bit of kit, no negatives. No bad points, if you see one pick one up and pop it in your tool kit. You wont regret owning one. For more information click here

Cyklone Multi Purpose Mixing Device Review – By Rachel Bates


Cyclone multi purpose mixing device review


Cyklone Mixing Device Review - Multi Purpose - Decorator's forum UK

Professional decorator Rachel Bates gives her full and honest review of the Cyklone, a multi-use mixing device used for mixing paint and other material

Product Brand: Cyklone

Editor's Rating:


  • This is probably the best mixing tool for paint.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn't splash.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • It just works.


  • It means carrying a drill with me at work, which is bulky.

Blog written by Rachel Bates – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 4, 2024 | Posted May 23, 2019 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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