Caparol CapaDin Review

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Caparol CapaDin is a high-end interior paint which feels similar to a contract matt. It has a very low sheen level. This makes it ideal for light-sensitive ceilings and walls, where flashing and picture framing might otherwise be an issue.

You can buy CapaDin in white and in quantities of 5, or 12.5 litres. A 5L tin will cost you around £40 and I buy mine from The Paint Shack, who also sell WRX, which is another one of my favourite brands.

My Caparol CapaDin Review

OK, I’ve given you the facts, it’s time to get into my review!! I’ve used CapaDin a handful of times and love it. You wouldn’t just use this paint for mist coating because the finish on a ceiling is unreal. This paint really is something special.


It can drag slightly when applied via brush and roller, which is why I say it feels like a contract matt, so we can forgive it for that. Caparol CapaDin sprays beautifully and opacity is unbelievably good!! 

Opacity and overall finish are amazing for a matt emulsion! Ceilings are left with a soft, luxurious depth, which is only rivalled by WRX Ceiling paint in my humble opinion. You’ll never see any blemishes such as roller marks or picture-framing, no matter how problematic the ceiling!!

How do I Rate the Product?

The overall finish Caparol CapaDin is up there as one of the best ceiling paints on the market, which is remarkable really. I have no problem using this paint on the higher-end projects I carry out. I wish it was a little bit nicer to apply. Rolling CapaDin isn’t too bad but cutting in with it is a choir. Click here to see latest prices.

Caparol CapaDin Review – by Mike Jones

Updated Apr 25, 2023 | Posted Nov 2, 2021 | 1 comment

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  1. S.W

    You do realise this isn’t a contract matt? It’s class 3 scrub with vinyl binder in it so is a completely different product to contract and should not be compared to that.


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