Brushes are so Last Year!!

By Phil Beckwith


Brushes are so last year!! All decorators should be spraying a lot more.


This is a wet coat of Tikkurila Everal 40, gxff and a Tritech airless sprayer with a 208 gold spray tip.


Come Monday these will be lovely and dry.


The Everal Aqua flows out to a smooth flawless finish coat.


There is mothing worse these days than trying not get white water-based woodwork paint to cover well with a brush. Even then it leaves a stringy finish. This is so much better


Everal 40 applied over otex akva which was done yesterday. Even that from finish is beautiful, the joiner asked if that was the finish.


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spray finish on woodwork
brushes have had their day, so this is the way forward

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Brushes are so last year. It’s all about spraying