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My name is Thomas Holloway of Holloway’s Professional Decorating & Consultancy based in Dorset. I’m going to give you my Brewers Contract Matt review as part of the Decorators Forum UK review team.

You can buy Brewers Contract Matt online in white, magnolia, or a tinted colour by the 10L bucket. It’s a fully-water-based emulsion for interior use. Application via brush, paint roller, or airless sprayer. Recoat time is a couple of hours, but this is reduced when spraying.

We carry out a lot of traditional domestic decorating and also a lot of spraying and this month October we have some very large projects going on. Contract Matt is an ideal choice for newly plastered walls and ceilings as it allows the substrate to breathe.

Over the years we have used many different brands of contract matts and what we have found with some is they lack opacity and coverage can be poor which is often why you would opt for a more expensive paint such as a vinyl or acrylic product.

With fresh plaster I believe it is important that you essentially seal the surface to limit porosity but more importantly for adhesion for your following paint layers. Contract Matt thinned is the common choice.


Being a waterborne product and following the manufacturers guidelines, it can be thinned with water to the required viscosity for the task whether it be spraying or rolling but normally these are the same I.E 40/60 – 50/50 etc. Each decorator is different and has a preference.


My Brewers Contract Matt Review


I found that the brewers contract Matt sprayed very well from mist coat to partially diluted top coats. We sprayed some rather large ceilings, therefore finish was critically given the light that was beaming in through the bi-fold doors on this certain project. I did find i added a further coat than I normally would ie 1 mist and 3 tops for the ceilings but it was worth it. Given the speed spraying it wasn’t much of a big deal to add another so after the 4th coat had dried I really quite liked the finish.

Following a mist coat I did finish the walls on this certain project in another brand but the brewers contract Matt seemed to give a nice based in order for me to work off. It dried tough but even after thinning opacity remained decent. It seemed to flow quite nicely too. I was spraying this particulat job, but ease of use is great, even when applied via brush and roller.

Brewers contract matt is not the best paint in the world but it’s not designed to be. It’s a cost effective alternative and has been a pleasure to work with. Durability is hard for me to determine but again it only a contract Matt.

If I were to rate the Brewers contract Matt I’d give it a steady 3.5/5 and I would buy it again for sure.

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Brewers contract matt review white - Decorator's forum UK

This is a water-based, highly breathable emulsion used to paint interior walls and ceilings. It’s perfect for new plaster.

Product Brand: Brewers

Editor's Rating:


  • Breathable.
  • Good opacity.
  • Sprays well.


  • This is a good contract matt. However, contract matt is generally used because it's cheap. There are better quality emulsion paint products to use in your home.

Best Tools to Apply Brewers Contract Matt


My recommendation on the best tools to apply Brewers Contract Matt is the same as any other contract matt really. When applying a porous material, or a product to bare plaster, you need a brush and roller which is going to hold plenty of paint. Otherwise, your ease of use and overall finish is compromised.


Paint Roller

You need a long pile roller to apply contract matt really. You won’t find better than the Purdy Colossus, which will make light work of something like this. It holds loads of paint and combats dragging. Available online by clicking here.



As for a paintbrush, I’d go for Purdy again. The Purdy Monarch elite has a thick stock, is easy to use and holds plenty of paint. It’s probably the brand leader for paintbrushes amongst professional decorators. Available online by clicking here.

Blog written by Tom Holloway – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 4, 2024 | Posted Jun 6, 2019 | 2 comments

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About the Author

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  1. Brandon

    Best around for the money and great opacity

  2. Alison Withers

    It’s not too bad for mist coating. For anything else it’s not very good.


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