Best Spray Paint – A Full Review and Guide

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There are dozens of varieties of aerosol spray on paints available nowadays, and trying to choose the best spray paint can feel a little overwhelming. As a Professional Decorator, I can tell you that no one product can be used in every situation. Each paint has been developed for a specific task, so you should choose the appropriate aerosol for the job in hand.

In this blog, I’ll start by listing each spray paint product available (or the ones I’m familiar with anyway), and the job you might use it for. Then I’ll go into more detail about the best product for each. I hope it helps.


The Different Types of Spray Paint and Where You Should Use Them


  • Acrylic Decorative Spray Paints

These are easy to use, water-based and reasonably priced. You can use them to paint anything, including furniture, decorative items, or uPVC windows.


  • 2K Spray Paints

These are more expensive, but they use an epoxy resin to set, which means durability is phenomenal. You can use these to spray car parts, push bikes, items that you leave in the shed or outside, or anything else really.


  • Rust Primers

You can get a rust primer as an aerosol, which is handy when spot priming rust patches. You might use it when painting radiators, metal railings, or even nails when painting the outside of your home.


  • Metal Spray Paints

There are a series of spray on paints designed for use on metal. They stand up to corrosion and are often a quick and easy alternative when painting metal railings.


  • Stain Blocks

You might use a spray on stain block to deal with stain patches when decorating the inside of your home.


  • Metallic Spray Paints

These are used for gold or silver trim. It might be on furniture, a fireplace, or anything else.


  • Heat Resistant Spray Paint

Good if you’re painting a fire surround, an aga, a Barbeque, or anything else that is exposed to high levels of heat.


  • Stone Effect Spray

This is a fun one! It’s a rubber compound: You spray it onto an object, and it makes that object look like it’s made from composite stone.


Best Spray Paint Products Available


The Best Acrylic Decorative Spray Paint 

This is the most used spray paint on the market, and WRX is widely regarded as the best. It dries quickly and remains durable once cured. WRX Spray Paint is also made in an ethical way and contains nothing that might harm the ozone layer.

However, the main reason I’m naming this one as ‘the best’ is how easy it is to use, and the finish you achieve with it. They use a unique ‘anti-vortex’ nozzle and a 50/50 gas to paint ratio. This results in a very even spray.

Other plus points of using WRX are price and availability. You can see the full range at any Crown Decorating Centre and there are several online stockists who sell it.

WRX spay paint is a great product

The Best 2K Spray Paints

This is an easy choice too. Most 2K aerosol spray paints are ‘single use’. This means you activate it, then you have maybe 8 hours to use it. Whatever is left in the can after that time cannot be used. You end up wasting a lot of material.

The only multi-use option I’ve found is Maston 2K, which is also an awesome product in its own right! It comes as a primer, a colour coat, and a clear topcoat. However, the primer isn’t needed on most occasions and the topcoat is more for protecting other paints than anything else.

Maston 2K is easy to use, resistant to petrol and other corrosive substances, durable, and gives you a factory finish every time. It is available from a few places, but if you go to Rawlins Paints, you’ll have over 2,000 colours to choose from.

The best 2K aerosol spray paint

The Best Rust Primer Aerosol

Using an aerosol rust primer has a couple of advantages over traditional oxide primer. It’s quick and easy to use for spot priming (small patches rather than big areas). You can work it into any small nook and cranny. It also dries quick, so you can paint over it in less time.

I’ve used a couple and they’re similar, so it might not matter which brand you go for. I use Maston more than any other brand of aerosol (simply because I know it has the best quality). So look out for it.

maston rust primer spray

The Best Spray Stain Block

There are loads of good stain block sprays around. As a Decorator, I always have at least one in the van. It gets me out of trouble on a regular basis. The best is a shellac-based product called Blockade by Smith & Rodger.

There are other shellac paints around, but this seems the best aerosol version. It’s easy to use, works well on stubborn stains, and it dries nice and fast.

A spray on paint stain block

The Best Matallic Spray Paint

I’ll be completely honest and tell you I’ve only ever used one metallic spray paint before, and that was Maston. I know there are other brands available, and they might be as good, or better, but I can only base my review on what I know.

The Maston Metallic Aerosol does everything you need it to. It’s a nice colour and sets to a nice finish. I have no complaints. The last time I used it, I was painting the trim on a fake fireplace. It came up really well and it lasted.

metallic spray paint

The Best Heat Resistant Spray on Paint

Maston also make a great heat resistant spray paint which not only works, but it’s also reasonably priced. You can buy it from The Range, or just do a little Google search.

However, the absolute best is WRX Heat Resistant Spray. It’s made from a silicone resin. You apply multiple thin coats and then heat it to cure. Be aware that it does smoke a little bit as it’s curing, so if you’re inside, ensure you ventilate the room.

Some heat resistant spray paints I have used can leave a patchy finish. WRX Heat Resistant Spray is expensive, but the finish is far superior. I’d highly recommend.

WRX BBQ and Stove Spray Paint

The Best Stone Effect Aerosol

I’ve had a lot of fun with Stone Effect Aerosols. The best being Maston (although I have only tried a couple of brands). You can buy it online or from The Range.

I’ve included a video below to show you how it works, and you can read a full review here.

You should abrade whatever you’re going to paint with sandpaper before you start. This aids adhesion. If you’re painting a particularly difficult surface, then you can use an Adhesion primer first to make sure.

Then it’s just a case of applying two generous coats. Don’t worry too much about the paint being too thick, it won’t run. The effect is amazing! It really does look good! If you’re going to keep a painted object outside, then you will need to protect it with a clear varnish. I recommend Polyvine or Smith & Rodger Rock Top.

The best stone effect spray
Stone Effect Spray

A quick demo to show how Maston Stone Effect Spray works.

Final Thoughts


I hope I haven’t rattled on too much. The advice given in this blog is based on my own experience and is completely honest. Choose any of these spray on paints and you won’t go far wrong.

Posted May 20, 2024 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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