Maston Stone Effect Spray Review

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Maston Stone Effect Spray is a water-based product which is sold as an aerosol. The idea is simple, you spray it onto any surface, and it makes that surface look like stone. You can buy this product online in a couple of different colours.

You should really use an adhesion primer prior to applying the Maston stone effect spray, but I find it adheres well to most surfaces anyway. Maston claim you can only use this product for interior use due to its “limited wear resistance”, but it’s easy enough to give this added protection by applying a coat of Maston’s 2K clear coat, or even Polyvine Decorators Varnish.


My Maston Stone Effect Spray Review


I have tested the adhesion of this aerosol on various surfaces, and it seems to stick quite well to all of them, including plastic, terracotta, and stone. I was taken aback by how easy it is to apply Maston Stone Effect Spray. It’s very forgiving, in that you can apply more than you should in a single coat and it won’t run. You can get away with an uneven coat too, as it all dries back the same colour.


The finished effect is fantastic! There are flakes of different colours in the material, and they all blend well with each other. Once dry, the finish is a true matt, which looks very striking. Unless you touch an object coated with Maston Stone Effect, you’d genuinely think it’s an expensive looking composite stone.

As a decorator, I don’t often encounter products as fun as this, which is a shame really. Maston Stone Effect Spray really does look fantastic on all sorts of things. I used it on an old bowling pin, and it came up lovely. It just looked like a statue that someone might have in your garden.

Another great use for this product is planters. Providing you protected the finish with something like a varnish, or Maston 2K clear coat, you could spray every planter in your garden with this paint. Not only would it make your planters look expensive (even the plastic ones), but they’d all match too.


Maston Stone Effect Spray Review – by Mike Cupit

Updated Apr 19, 2024 | Posted Sep 17, 2022 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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