Axus Decorating Tools Review

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I said I would let a few of you on the Forum what I thought of these Axus decorating tools, so here is my review. You can buy all of these products and loads of other Axus stuff online at the Decorating Centre by clicking here, or loads of other different outlets.


Axus Silk Precision Cutter Paint Brush Review


I found the Axus Silk Precision cutter hard work! The paintbrush holds a decent amount of paint, but it’s too stiff for me. They say it’s a ‘precision cutter’, but I found it hard to actually cut in with it! I have only used this brush in emulsion so far. Maybe it would perform better in oil-based paints? Who knows?

I’m not used to the angled brush though, so maybe when I get used to it then it won’t be so bad.

Also not used to a short handle, it gave me thumb cramp and felt like I was going to drop it all the time 😆


Axus Medium Pile Blue Roller Review


I like it so far! Nice, even and smooth finish with great pickup and distribution. This Axus roller is available in 4, 9 and 12 inch sizes. Medium or long pile naps, so you can choose the best roller for a particular job.

I gave it a good wash first and haven’t experienced any shedding at all, which is unusual for a new roller sleeve. I guess time will tell with these but at £3 A SLEEVE you can’t go wrong. This represents unbelievable value for money!!

The roller arm is very sturdy and also like that so far.


Olfa Knife Review


OK OK, This isn’t under the Axus brand, but it is still imported and sold by Axus. They are widely regarded as the best wallpapering blade on the market too.

Available online, the Olfa Wallpapering knife is great value, the snap blades work as they should, they are sharp and they last!! Plus, they come with a tin opener on the back, which is very handy. I wouldn’t be without mine!! Full Olfa knife review here!!


Axus Wallpaper Scissors Review


Available online by clicking here, these scissors are widely known as the best wallpaper shears on the market. Axus wallpaper scissors come in two different sizes and are made from robust stainless steel. You’ll find the larger pair quite heavy, which I love, but I know some other decorators who would prefer them to be a bit lighter. In which case, the smaller pair are perfect.

They are very sharp and remain sharp for years. They will cut even delicate paperers right to the tip of the scissors, which makes working with them a joy. We do have a full review which you can see by clicking here.


Brand Summary

Axus Decorating Tools Review - Decorator's forum UK

The manufacturers of an extensive range of tools used by Professional Decorators.

Product Brand: Axus Decor

Editor's Rating:


  • Extensive range.
  • Some budget, but good quality tools.
  • Some high-end tools, which are widely regarded as ‘the best on the market’.
  • Widely available.


  • Not made in the UK

Final Thoughts


Axus manufacturer a large range of decorating tools, and the range is rapidly expanding, so they must be doing something right. Their fillers are something decorators seem to rate, and they use some sort of new technology on their abrasives to keep them sharp.

 Click here for more information, or to see latest prices.

Updated May 29, 2024 | Posted Apr 19, 2021 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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