Axus Décor Flex-E-Fill Filler Review

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These are my initial thoughts having tried out the new Flex-E-Fill Filler from Axus Décor. The product is a lightweight ready mixed filler, which they claim can be used on a variety of substrates (plasterboard, plaster, wood, concrete etc) and is supposedly particularly good for hairline cracks. They also claim it is particularly fast setting with minimal shrinkage. Flex-E-Fill Filler is available from a variety of different stockists.

As I say, these are my initial thoughts having used the product on one job only, but there were a variety of filling issues (hairline cracks in the ceiling, cracks down the corners of the walls, holes to fill where the plaster had popped off the plasterboard nails, etc).

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. My usual “go to” filler is Gyproc Easi-Fill, which I will use on most holes and cracks. I also have a tub of Toupret ready mixed in the van, which I use for the minor problems I missed first time. So that’s what I was comparing the Axus Décor product to in my mind as I was working.

Because it looks and feels very different to Easi-Fill, I was a little sceptical initially; as I smoothed it over the surface I could still see the holes and cracks through the filler to some extent (i.e. it is not entirely opaque), which made me feel a little uneasy, but I needn’t have worried.

I also intentionally smoothed some of the filler flush to the wall, but left it proud in other areas, so I could see if it shrunk back or not (I usually leave my Easi-fill a bit proud, and then blast over it once it’s cured with my Mirka Deros).

Despite my doubts and concerns, it did dry quickly (tick), it did sand easily (tick), and there was minimal if any shrinkage (tick – although there weren’t any really deep holes to fill on this particular project). Once painted, it didn’t flash through, so I have to say I was pleased with how the product performed. It’s nice to use – the creamy consistency makes it easy to work with, it didn’t feel crumbly or fall off the knife as much as some ready-mixed fillers. I will definitely continue using it.

PS – used the product again today. The more I use it, the more I like it. It dries so quickly and sands so easily – a great product when you’re in a rush, or for those imperfections in the plaster you didn’t spot until you started painting!

interior lightweight filler used on crack
Axus Décor Flex-E-Fill Filler Review


Axus Décor Flex-E-Fill Filler Review - Decorator's forum UK

A general-purpose ready-mixed filler from Axus Décor. Interior use only.

Product Brand: Axus Decor

Editor's Rating:


  • Ready-mixed – saves time.
  • Versatile – can be used on a number of substrates and to solve different problems.
  • Fast setting.
  • Very easy to sand when set.
  • Nice creamy consistency in use.
  • Doesn’t shrink (although not yet tested on deep holes).


  • At about £20 for a litre (slightly cheaper online), it’s probably not going to replace Easi-Fill as my main filler for projects with a lot of prep, but it’s certainly one to have in the bag for smaller projects. It is ideal for projects when time is short, or for sorting out the imperfections in the plaster that you inevitably miss the first time you go around with the filler!
  • Just a very minor point – I did try filling some minor dents/bashes in the glossed skirting boards, and I did find that the Flex-E-Fill struggled to adhere to the gloss. Maybe I should have sanded the surface first to provide a key, I’ll try that next time.
  • So that’s my Axus Décor’s new Flex-E-Fill lightweight ready-mixed filler review. Definitely a decent product!

Updated Jul 17, 2024 | Posted Dec 3, 2019 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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