Axus Decor Silk Touch Rollers Review

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Axus Décor Silk Touch Rollers come in various sizes and naps. From a stumpy little 2 inch, all the way up to 12-inch. They’re microfibre, which is a synthetic material designed to hold paint. The 2- and 4-inch sleeves are designed to fit a mini-roller arm. The 9-inch sleeve is designed to fit a cage, and the 12-inch roller sleeve is designed for use with an arm that holds the sleeve at each side.

You can use the larger Axus Décor Silk Touch Rollers for applying emulsion to walls and ceilings. Or the smaller sizes can be used with oil and water-based trim paint such as satinwood and gloss. You can buy all these products online.


My Axus Décor Silk Touch Rollers Review


As a professional Decorator, I have used many different rollers in the past. Some I love, some not so much. I experiment with tools, then go with what I think is the very best. I also understand that different rollers suit different tasks. I’ve been using Axus Silk Touch Rollers solidly for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve got to say, I really like them.


For me, what sets Axus Silk Touch Rollers apart from its competitors is the finish you can achieve with them. This is particularly true when using the 9- or 12-inch version on interior walls and ceilings.

They hold loads of paint and spread it easily, so you don’t need to apply much pressure when using them. But it’s the way they spread the paint that really sets them apart. There is absolutely no orange peel at all. The finish is silky smooth!

This is brilliant when I’m working in someone’s house, and I want to get the best finish possible on the walls. It doesn’t really matter which emulsion you’re using either. I can’t think of a better paint roller for this type of work.

There are another couple of advantages too. Firstly, there is no spatter, or overspray. This is brilliant because it means you don’t need to sand the skirting boards in a room for a second time after painting a wall. There are also no paint specs on sockets or any other fixings.

Are Axus Silk Touch Rollers any good for emulsion?

The other advantage of Axus Décor Silk Touch Rollers is there is no shedding. You would normally de-lint a new roller before it’s first use, but you don’t need to with these. Your paint finish will be lint-free every time.


Using Axus Silk Touch Mini- Rollers with Woodwork Paint


I thought I’d tackle this in a separate section, as most Decorators are always on the hunt for a better “trim paint roller”. The Axus Silk Touch Rollers do shed a little tiny bit on their first use with sticky paints like oil-based satinwood, but less than its competitors, including the Two Fussy Blokes.

Paint pick-up and distribution is amazing! They don’t seem to go tight and compact after an hour of use, which is impressive. The finish, like the larger version for emulsion, shows absolutely no orange peel. This makes them perfect for use in materials like water-based satinwood, or water-based gloss.


Final Thoughts


I hope this review hasn’t bored you too much. It’s astonishing to think I’ve just rambled on for 500 words about a paint roller, but the Axus Silk Touch Rollers genuinely excite me. They’d be no good in masonry paint, or even over embossed wallpaper, but on a flat wall, or kitchen cabinets, it’s hard to think of a roller that performs better. Click here to see the full range.

Updated Feb 14, 2024 | Posted Apr 19, 2023 | 1 comment

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