Armstead Quick Dry Gloss Review

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I’ve been a Professional Painter and Decorator for all my working life, and I’ve used most trade paint products in my time on the tools. My Customer supplied this Armstead Quick Dry gloss. It’s one of the few paints I wasn’t familiar with.


My Experiance Using Armstead Quick Dry Gloss


Normally, 95% of the time I use water- based anyway, so I thought it was going to be ok. This is a fully water-based paint available online or from Dulux Decorator Centre at a reasonable price. You must use an adhesion primer if you want to use it on surfaces previously painted with old oil-based coatings.

I Primed the trim, which had been previously coated with oil, using otex akva from Tikkurila. I applied 2 coats of the Armstead QD Gloss using a good Purdy paintbrush.

I must say, this is the worst water-based gloss I have ever used. I tried the usual trick of adding floetrol, water etc. But the brush marks are terrible, the viscosity and opacity are bad. It is like applying vinyl silk. In fact, I think that may be better.

I love a lot of Armstead products and most of them are good quality. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the good ones. Dulux Trade QD Gloss is much better, so if you’re reading this, then I’d advise going for that one instead.



Armstead Quick Dry Gloss Review - Decorator's forum UK

A water-based gloss used for interior woodwork such as doors, skirting boards and windowsills.

Product Brand: Armstead Trade

Editor's Rating:


  • Reasonably priced.


  • Poor opacity.
  • Poor flow.
  • Cheap finish.

What do Other Decorators Think?

This the same stuff but sprayed. Armstead QD Gloss can look fantastic.

Tony Fitzgibbons

Professional Painter and Decorator

Adding water has the opposite effect in water-based paints, makes it dry faster and leaves more brush marks 👍

Dom Owen

Professional Painter and Decorator

Horrible stuff. Opt for something better.

Christopher Ashby

Professional Painter and Decorator

Armstead certainly isn’t the best water-based gloss on the market. In fact, it’s nowhere near!! However, it doesn’t pretend to be. I’m a believer in “you get what you pay for” and Armstead quick dry gloss is cheap as chips. It’s never going to be scuff x, but it still fills a gap in the market.

David Barrett

Professional Painter and Decorator

The Armstead Quick-Dry satinwood is terrible by brush and you need a separate adhesion primer if you aim to go over existing oil-based paint. That said, it is cheap. I suppose it’s a case of “you get what you pay for”.

One thing I would say is it sprays lovely!! It is very easy to achieve a great finish either through an airless or HVLP.

As a contrast, the Armstead water-based satinwood is awesome. You still need to use an adhesion primer if you’re going over old oil-based, but the finish via brush and roller is a lot better.

Dean Aspinall

Professional Painter and Decorator

Blog written by Daniel Wilson – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 4, 2024 | Posted Jun 10, 2019 | 1 comment

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About the Author

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  1. Kevin

    It has to be the worst paint or one of them on the market, might as well use milk ….


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