Zinsser BIN Problem Solver for any Decorating Job

Updated Feb 21, 2023 | Posted Aug 3, 2017 | Professional insight, Product Advice | 5 comments

I don’t post on the Forum a lot, but my wild card answer to so many posts I see is Zinsser BIN. It has been for years and if it isn’t yours then do it. I’ve seen posts on the following and always the same answer for me. You can buy this product online.

New tail pipes – bin
Caulk cracking – bin
Nicotine – bin
Any stains – bin
Wood knots – bin
Painting over woodstain – bin
No milk left for tea – bin
Hungry before lunch – bin (not really, although I bet Zinsser have some sort of solution)


It’s probably not the healthiest sh*t to breathe in too much, but it really is the ultimate problem solver in decorating for me. Why use anything else ben bin goes off in ten mins or so? It won’t slow you down, it’s potent as Fck and its shellac base so it’s going do the job!!

My little tip of the day, if you’re caulking all the way round the under sides of coving. Fly round the room in about 10-15 seconds with a spray can of bin to prevent these problems of the caulk crazing. Then you’re ready to go and won’t have any issues.

Also, I buy a kettle with lid and quarter fill it or so with bin. I leave the brush in, (and a mini rad roller) and keep topping it up. I chuck it every now and again when it’s gone sh*t and start again. Click here to see online prices.


Gone are the days (I think) when trade point used to do a 3 for 2 on all paint (before they had sh*tty Valspar) and Zinsser was included. Y ou could walk out with 1 litre tins at £15 something with the VAT!!!

There are even alternatives nowadays, including the PS1 primer, which is even better than Zinsser BIN. I bet that one can solve world hunger!! Opacity is better, it is easier to use and it goes further. I know PS1 is slightly more expensive than Zinsser BIN, but you get what you pay for sometimes. Another one to look out for is the Coo-Var Prime All,which is another great alternative and much cheaper. Zinsser BIN will always be the original though!

Zinsser BIN – Problem Solver – by Adam Forrestal

Updated Feb 21, 2023 | Posted Aug 3, 2017 | 5 comments


  1. Tommy

    Good call fella… every product I’ve used by zinsser as always came out in top… Would recommend it to anyone.. great stuff, got better and better every year..

  2. Pietro

    I’ve been using it for years !! Nice trick in the chalk though. I do like using the oil base one better

  3. George Coull

    Great Review and couldn’t be without it in my Painting and decorating great product.

  4. Kevin

    If in doubt bin it out 👍👍

  5. Omer

    I’ve used bin to cover stains and applied emulsion paint on walls but the bin primer has left patches on wall where I’ve applied it. What can I do to resolve this?


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