Valspar Trade Masonry Paint Review

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Valspar Trade Masonry Paint with “Seasonflex technology” is a water-based product available from B&Q and Trade Point. It’s available in thousands of different colours, including Brilliant White. This paint is touch dry and rain resistant after 30 minutes and has a recoat time of 4 hours.

Unlike most other water-based masonry paints, you can use Valspar Trade in temperatures as low as 2 Degrees Celsius. It’s also microporous, so you won’t trap moisture into the substrate. These two qualities mean that your exterior painting season is extended.


My Valspar Trade Masonry Paint Review


As a Professional Decorator I spend a lot of time online, and there is still a stigma attached to Valspar. Decorators seem to hate anything associated with retail, and because Valspar Trade is sold from B&Q, it puts a lot of professionals off.

That said, I am yet to talk to a Decorator who has used Valspar Trade products extensively and doesn’t like them, and for good reason too. Valspar reformulated their Trade Range a while ago, and there are some brilliant products in there. Valspar Trade Knot Block and Tough Matt for example, are very impressive.

Valspar Trade Masonry Paint is another impressive product. It doesn’t smell very nice while it’s wet, but you’re using it outside anyway, so I can put up with that. It’s also a lot thinner than I’m used to using, so you’d expect it to have poor opacity, but that isn’t the case. You will easily achieve a strong colour change in two coats. The only time you may need to apply three coats is when using white over bare masonry or a strong colour.

Because it’s thin, Valspar Trade Masonry Paint is very easy to apply. I find I can apply it more quickly than other brands. There are no visible brush marks either. Even though Seasonflex is quick drying, it seems to have a good open time. This means that you can keep a wet edge, and it gives paint applied with a brush chance to settle.

The overall finish is fantastic too! No complaints there. It’s a true matt finish with a bit of depth that looks goood.


Final Thoughts


You can’t argue with the results. Valspar Trade Masonry Paint is easy to use, breathable, rain resistant in 30 minutes, and looks good after you’ve applied it. As this product is relatively new, I can’t really comment on the longevity of it. There is a mention online about UV protectors, so I do have a reasonable amount of confidence.

Valspar Trade Masonry Paint Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Apr 20, 2024 | Posted Oct 26, 2023 | 0 comments


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