Toupret Touprelex Quick Fill Review

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Toupret Touprelex is a one coat exterior lightweight filler which comes ready mixed. The colour is light grey, it can be used for repairs of any depth, is rich in resin and it’s normally fully dry in around an hour (Slightly longer if you have a particularly deep hole to fill.

You can buy this product online by clicking here, or several trade paint outlets. This is my Toupret Touprelex Quick Fill review, I hope you find it useful.


Using Touprelex


Unlike the Skim Coat, Touprelex is grainy and not very smooth to the touch. It is perfect for the deeper holes and the ready mixed bucket is very handy to have on any exterior masonry job. Another advantage is there is no slump as you fill, or shrinkage as it dries. However, as it isn’t as smooth as some other fillers, you do tend to find the product sticking to your filling knife a little bit, so shaping it can be a pain.

The biggest advantage of this product is the drying time. It isn’t very often you come across an exterior filler which you can paint over after an hour, particularly one which can be used to any depth of repair too!! For this reason alone, I absolutely love Toupret Touprelex.


The adhesion to stonework is exceptional, even glossy or loose surfaces and repairs seem solid. You wouldn’t think it, but this stuff even sands down relatively easily.

You probably wouldn’t use Toupret Touprelex Quick Fill for fine surface work, simply because you can get a better finish using Skim Coat, or similar, but for the bigger stuff, it’s perfect!


Painting Over Your Repair


As previously mentioned, you can paint over Touprelex after around an hour. As with all Toupret products, you never experience any flashing, or adhesion issues between filler and paint product. In short, painting over this filler is a pleasure.

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Toupret Touprelex Quick Fill Review – Exterior Filler – by Mike Gregory

Updated Apr 26, 2023 | Posted Aug 27, 2021 | 0 comments

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