A good ready mixed filler that doesn’t need priming before top coating, but really needs overnight drying for anything 2mm and above. So if you got the time to wait, this is what you need.


  • Doesn’t flash so no need for priming before top coat

  • Easy to sand

  • Holds shape


  • Takes a while to dry

  • Lid doesn’t seal well so top layer dries out

Toupret ready mixed filler review


For small filling on woodwork and walls my go to ready mixed filler is usually Pollyfilla’s OneFill as it is nice to use. Being a lightweight ‘fluffy’ filler that is great to use on rebuilding mouldings etc with a sanding pad. But after a few spray jobs of MDF fitted wardrobes (amongst other jobs) the biggest flaw is that the OneFill flashes like mad even after a couple of coats of primer. So, after recommendations of The Decorators Forum about Toupret and seeing it in my local Dulux Decorating Centre I thought I’d give their ready mixed filler a go. I was drawn in by the “non-flashing” slogan on the tub.

but after I purchased the Toupret ready mixed filler I noticed that it is paintable in 12-24 hours, which is not ideal for a quick fix filler like OneFill. I tried it out on walls and woodwork (not trim lol) and left it to the next day. It sanded down really well and lived up to its claims of not flashing at all, I was well impressed by that. I’ve tested the drying capabilities of it on small 1-2mm dents that did dry in a couple hours which was ok but any deeper than that then you’re looking at the next day. I think for newbuilds with the pinholes on the woodwork it’d be ideal.

One thing I did notice that let it down is that using it out the tub (as you would do) after wiping it on the side stops the lid from sealing properly, so it doesn’t keep well as the top sort of hardens off a bit the next time you use it. I’ve used it on 3 jobs so far, I am impressed but I have the OneFill onboard for drying times. The best way I would describe it is a ready mixed easyfill that doesn’t flash.

The best place online I have found for Toupret us My Paintbrush using discount code DF8 at the checkout. They stock the whole range so you can get the perfect filler for whatever project you are working on.

Phill – Southam Spraying & Decorating


Toupret ready mixed filler review – For more info click here

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Toupret ready mixed filler review