Tolsen Tools Review – by Mike Gregory

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I’ve been asked to conduct a Tolsen Tools review. However, as they manufacture around 3,000 products, I’m afraid I’m only going to be able to scratch the surface. I’m a professional Decorator, and I have been using a handful of the Tolsen decorating tools. In this blog I’m going to work my way through each of them, give a brief description and review for each tool.

Not only do Tolsen have a huge range of tools, but they’re available in over 150 countries worldwide. The general feedback I’ve had is that Tolsen is a quality brand at a reasonable price and good build quality.

At the time of writing this, Tolsen has only been available in the UK for a few short months, so it isn’t a widely known brand amongst Brits. It’ll be interesting to see how big of an impact they’ll make over here. Click here to see more info


Tolsen Window Scraper Review

Tolsen has a couple of different sizes of window scraper. The smaller size has a 3-inch blade and a yellow plastic handle. The blade is the type you’d find in a standard Stanley Knife, so it’s easy to find replacements.

A window scraper isn’t the sexiest of products in the world. I go through loads of them as a Decorator. What separates the small Tolsen Window Scraper from the generic alternatives is the build quality. The plastic around the blade won’t snap after a few uses.


The bigger sized Tolsen Window Scraper is just labelled “scraper”, but I’m classing it as a window scraper because that’s mainly what I’ve used it for. It’s also good for stripping paint and varnish from a surface.

Whatever it’s for, it has a larger and blunter blade and robust plastic handle. There is a quick release button, meaning you can replace a blade in seconds. It’s quite a nice little feature.

Tolsen Tools window scraper to test and review

Tolsen Knee Pads Review

I love Tolsen Kneed Pads. They’re not insoles (the type that are designed to fit inside Decorators Work Trousers). Instead, there’s a single strap that goes around the lower part of the knee. This is significant because it means the pad is held in place, but you still get full range of movement.

The real stand-out quality of Tolsen knee pads is the quality of the padding. It’s thick, very comfortable, and wrapped in a material designed to reduce sweating. Not bad at all considering Tolsen Kneed Pads are only £20. Click here for more details.

Tolsen Knee Pad with comfortable padding around the knee

Tolsen Insulated Screwdriver Set Review

Tolsen make a great screwdriver kit encased in a robust plastic case with a slip lock catch. It comes with one handle that fits any of the screwdrivers. The screwdrivers fit snugly in the handle and feels solid until you press the grip release, and they slide out.

Tolsen screwdrivers are very well made, comfortable to hold, and will last until (if you’re like me), you lose some. My only minor gripe is the case doesn’t hold the screwdrivers in place securely as you’re closing it. This means it can be a bit of a faff. However, the screwdrivers themselves are brilliant.

Tolsen Insulated Screwdriver Set with detachable handle

Tolsen Scrapers Review

I don’t want to bore you even further by going into great details about each one, but Tolsen manufacture a range of scrapers. All of which seem well made and good value for money. The Tolsen Heavy Duty Scraper stands out as a great tool.

The handle of the Tolsen Heavy Duty Scraper is well made and comfortable. The interchangeable blade is solid until you unscrew the catch. It uses normal snap-off blades, which is so much better than having to use a unique blade for the scraper. It means you can grab a pack of any brand and it’ll be razor sharp. This is a great scraper.

Collection of scrapers from Tolsen Tools

Tolsen Heavy Duty Caulking Gun

This is the barrel type of caulking gun. I prefer the open ones that takes both sizes of decorators caulk, but hay ho. This Tolsen caulker may not be my preferred type of application gun, but it’s still well-made and great quality.

It feels absolutely solid! It’s responsive too! Let go of the trigger and flick the release on the back, and the caulk stops dead. I think you could probably use this every day for a lifetime, and it still wouldn’t break!

Tolsen Tools Heavy Duty Calking Gun

Tolsen Tools Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Jan 12, 2024 | Posted Dec 27, 2023 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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