SThe Easiest Way to Clean a Paint Scuttle

By Mike Gregory


I thought I’d do a very quick blog for DFUK on the easiest way to clean a paint scuttle. Promise not to keep you too long with this one, but I’ll give you some handy tips.


First off, a scuttle is another word for a type of painting bucket and an alternative to the traditional tray. Most professional decorators use a scuttle because they’re generally a lot better than trays. You can get them online, or from any trade decorating centre.


Washing your Scuttle with Water


You can pick your scuttle up, take it to the sink, rinse, and scrub with a cloth at the end of every use. This can be a bit messy, so it may be better to take it outside and use a hosepipe. Neither of these options is ideal because you’re bound to end up with paint all over you. I do anyway 😉


Traditional Paint Scuttle liners


Inexpensive disposable plastic liners which go inside your scuttle wile you’re using it. They are good and they’re cheap enough, but I don’t like them because of the environmental impact. As a decorator, I go through too much single use plastic as it is, without lining my scuttles with it. You can get these online easily enough, or most trade paint centres.


Cre8tive Scuttle Liners


These are a new invention from Cre8tive products. They are rubber, very flexible and will last forever. They cost around £25 online and you would use it in the same way as the disposable liners. Except you allow the paint to dry, then simply crush the sides. All the paint will fall off, then you’re good to go again. I have attached a little video below.


I hope that helps

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The Easiest Way to Clean a Paint Scuttle


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