The Best way to Make a Glitter Wall

By Mike Cupit


Glitter walls are becoming more and more popular and can look stunning in the right place. There are a few ways to can make a glitter wall and as a professional decorator I’ve done just about all of them. Some work better than others, but most of the time it depends on the effect you want to achieve.

In this blog, I’m going to take you through the four glitter wall options, share a few photos with you and give you some useful links. I’ll keep everything basic and honest. Hopefully find it useful when deciding on the best way to make a glitter wall.


Glitter wallpaper

Glitter wallpaper can be very dramatic and will look awesome in the right place!! You can basically have a big block of “in your face” glitter spanning a whole wall. A bright pink paper with a lot of shine will look dramatic in a little girls’ bedroom, but this type of paper looks good in all sorts of room. If you want something like this it may be worth looking at Glitter Bug paper, which will give you the dramatic effect you want. It does take a skilled pair of hands to install Glitter Bug paper and it can be tricky. Take care not to get any paste on the decretive side of the paper as it doesn’t wipe off very easily. Better yet, ask a decorator to install it for you. Glitter Bug is basically glitter on a heavy fabric, you apply it to the wall, then overlap and splice. Joints can sometimes show as well. CLICK HERE to visit Glitter Bug. There are a couple of pictures below.

There are other brands of glitter wallpaper which are “butt joints”. Again, they can be tricky to get right. Muraspec are a great quality brand to go for.

glitterbug wallpaper on a feature wall

Or, you can go for something a little bit more subtle and contemporary, maybe a light grey paper with a silver sparkle in an elegant dining room to add a little bit of glitz in a stylish way. Or even a patterned paper with glitter. There are loads to choose from at “I Love Wallpaper”. CLICK HERE to visit their website.


Glitter in your Paint


This one is extremely easy to do and it’s something I do regularly. The last time I added glitter to paint was for a lady’s dressing room and it looked mint. The time before that was for my daughters’ bedroom. All you need to do is get yourself down to B&Q and buy some Valspar glitter. I think it’s about £3 or £4 per packet of glitter and it comes in gold and silver. You add one packet of glitter for every litre of emulsion, but it’s just a case of tipping it in, mixing it up and painting as normal. It does suit acrylic eggshell paint over matt and there are plenty of trade paint options at the Paintshed. Another tip is to only add your glitter to the final coat.

valspar glitter to add to paint
valspar glitter to add to paint

Glitter Glaze


Glitter glaze is another option. You decorate your room as normal, then just paint glitter glaze over the top. Dead easy to use, doesn’t look very good!! One to avoid sorry. You can see brush and roller marks in it and the glitter won’t be very even. You could use it on furniture and get a good effect. Leave it off your walls though.


Silk Plaster


Silk plaster is a remarkably interesting option. It is massive in Europe but only just starting to become popular in Britain. It is made up of natural fibers (cotton) and glue. All you do is add the different colours of fiber, add water, allow to soak, then apply to your wall with a plastic trowel. Silk plaster can be a real talking point in your home.

There are a couple of different suppliers to look at. If you’re in Ireland head over to Glitter Walls Direct by CLICKING HERE or call Gareth on 053858493230. Gareth not only supplies silk plaster products, but he also installs them.

Or for England, Scotland and wales you should contact Silk Plaster UK ltd by CLICKING HERE. If you need any guidance you can always contact them by phone on 07951736212

silk plaster feature wall

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