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Tesa tape is brilliant stuff, quite expensive but well worth it! This is a high-end product and Tesa are an industry leader with masking tape in the UK.  I hope you enjoy my Tesa masking Tape review.



Tesa offer a great range of masking tapes, each for a different purpose.

Tesa tapes are paving the way in painting world, their range is second to none when considering both durability and consistency. My favoured tape is the yellow ‘general use’ tape. With more adhesion than that of the pink tape, without being too rough for most work surfaces.

I can’t seem to find Tesa tape in any of my local decorating merchants which can prove annoying, but it’s not too difficult to add a load onto the end of any other online purchases. The tape can be expensive when compared to other tapes, but the quality of the tape makes it worth every penny. I’m a professional decorator, so as you can imagine, if I save £3 on a roll of tape, but then the paint seeps, or it damages the surface underneath, then it could cost me a couple of hours in labour.

I do an awful lot of spraying. As many of you will know, spray painting is much quicker than brush and roller, however you do go through an awful lot of masking tape. You rely on it to achieve your straight edges and the worst thing in the world is paint bleed!! Simply because you cannot touch up a painted surface if you have a sprayed finish. Tesa is the very best masking tape on the market and makes my life as a decorator a whole lot easier. Lines are crisp and sharp every time.

I also love the colour coding system Tesa use!! You know you are using exactly the right tape for the job in hand. Whether you’re taping up wallpaper with Tesa pink, or brickwork with Tesa Extreme!!

Always look at how long a masking tape can be left on a surface before you need to remove it. Remenber it is adhesive and paper at the end of the day, and glue sets.

My Review

Tesa Masking Tape Review - Decorator's forum UK

Tesa manufacturer a range of high-end masking tapes. Perfect for Professional Decorators and Spray Painters.

Product Brand: Tesa

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy colour coding
  • Reliable
  • Very little paint bleed


  • Very expensive

Other Decorators Review Tesa Masking Tape

I am a painter and decorator with over 40 years’ experience. I was recently sent a roll of Tesa yellow precision tape to use and review.

I was recently asked to paint some walls in a dining room/kitchen. The actual job had been done the week before and the walls were painted in a pale pink. A week later I was asked to change the wall colour to a deeper pink which had been used on a feature wall in the same area. This would be an ideal tester for the Tesa yellow tape as the skirtings weren’t being touched so masking up was the easiest and quickest option to produce a nice sharp line.

I taped up the tops of the skirtings and noted that the tape stuck easily to the surface. I coated up the walls twice and proceeded to remove the masking tape almost immediately. Removal was easy with no peeling of the paint film from the wall. I did notice a slight bit of paint creep under but this was on the external corner and a quick wipe soon sorted that out. So, all in all a good tape to use.

And that was my review of Tesa Yellow Precision tape. For more information check out their website by clicking here


Professional Decorator

Updated May 19, 2024 | Posted Jun 6, 2019 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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