Tesa Tape review

by Rob Greenwood

Brilliant stuff, quite expensive but well worth it! This is my Tesa Tape review


Tesa offer a great range of masking tapes, each for a different purpose.


  • Easy colour coding
  • Reliable
  • Next to no bleed


  • A little pricey
  • Not an ‘off the shelf’ product

Tesa tapes are paving the way in painting world, their range is second to none when considering both durability and consistency. My favored tape is the yellow ‘general use’ tape. With more adhesion than that of the pink tape, without being too rough for most work surfaces.

I can’t seem to find Tesa tape in any of my local decorating merchants witch can prove annoying, but its not too difficult to add a load onto the end of any other online purchass. The tape can be expensive when compared to other tapes but the quality of the tape makes it worth every penny.

When using the Tesa yellow to paint some windows I found the tape great to use, there was next to no bleed and im fairly sure the only bit that did was down to a chip in the glass. The colour coding makes picking rhe right tape for the job super easy, meaning work can progress quickly and efficiently. Ive found from roll to roll that tesa deliver the same great quality every time, ive never had issue them.


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Tesa Tape review