Suretherm goodbye mould review

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What is Suretherm Goodbye Mould Paint?

Suretherm goodbye mould is great stuff, strange consistency and a little pricey

The idea of the Suretherm paint is to create an insulating barrier on a cold wall to prevent the build up of condensation. This in turn prevents mould growth and helps to keep a room warmer in the winter months.

Suretherm goodbye mould is available online by clicking here and can be used on interior walls and ceilings. You can apply this paint using a normal brush and roller, and it gives you a cheap alternative to insulating a room the old-fashioned way.


Suretherm goodbye mould review. An insulating paint designed to prevent condensation

My Suretherm Goodbye Mould Review


Suretherm is a revolutionary product, by providing insulation to areas where it may be missing or inadequate. Suretherm, alothough smelling of ammonia, doesn’t contain any biocides making it safer in the house.

The texture of the paint is similar to marshmallow fluff. This is due to the glass microspheres that maintain the temperature of treated substrates. The unfamiliar texture of the suretherm paint takes some getting use to, but don’t let this put you off. Because of the unique texture, I found the paint could mask shallow imperfections on the substrate. I suppose the paint also has to be thick in order to create that barrier needed for insulating a room.


2.5l of suretherm goodbye mould paint covers 10 – 12.5 m2 after 2 coats, although this doesn’t sound like a lot, the benefits make the price seem marginal. It’s relativly easy to use considering it’s so thick!!

Suretherm blows all completion out of the water, this is because I don’t think there is anything like it on the market. All other mould resistant paints or anti condensation paints either absorb the moisture or contain biocides.  

In conclusion; I found suretherm a fantastic product that everyone should have in their arsenal. The speed of application and the fact it can be painted over makes this paint one of the best solutions to mold and moisture build up on walls and ceilings I have ever come across.

You’ve also got to remember that as far as insulating a wall goes, painting is by far the cheapest and least disruptive method. You can also paint over in further down the line with normal emulsion.


Suretherm goodbye mould review - Decorator's forum UK

What is Suretherm Goodbye Mould Paint is a insulating emulsion used on interior walls and ceilings.

Editor's Rating:


  • Prevents mould
  • Great thermal insulation
  • Hides imperfections


  • A little pricey
  • Strange texture to get use to
  • Smells of ammonia

Best Tools to Apply Suretherm Goodbye Mould


You should try to apply thick coats of Suretherm goodbye Mould Anti Condensation Paint, as the more material you can add to a surface, the better it will do its intended job. Therefore, you should use a long-pile roller and a brush with a thick stock.

I’d suggest using the Purdy Colossus Roller for this type of paint. You’ll find they hold and distribute large amounts of material, which is perfect for Suretherm goodbye Mould. Click here to see online prices.

As for the brush, I’m going to go Purdy again and recommend the Monarch Elite. This brush is bread and butter for professional Decorators. It has a thick stock, which again, is perfect for applying thick coats. Click here to see online prices.

Updated May 18, 2024 | Posted Apr 9, 2019 | 4 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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  1. Helen

    Help! Is there any tips on applying the suretherm paint? We are painting our lounge walls and it is going on very textured. We’re worried about sanding down the texture as it may remove the glass beads. Using medium pile roller and brush. It’s looking like artex but very uneven.

    • Sarita

      An Amazon reviewer said it had worked well and mentioned sanding down the rough bits, if that’s any help.

    • Sarita

      Can I ask how much it smelt and how long for? Thanks

    • Sarita

      An Amazon reviewer said it had worked well, and mentioned sanding down the rough bits, if that’s any help.


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